10Best Architectural Visualization Studios


STUDIO57 is one of the largest 3D visualization, architecture and design companies in Europe. All the employees are professionals in their field, each shares curiosity and a love of detail. Each visualizer goes through their own school for employees, so they can say with confidence that each of their specialists have a wide range of knowledge in the field of materials, lighting and composition. What distinguishes company in the market is the competitive price and an effective, individual approach to each client. The team is passionate and meticulous in their mission to provide unique, elegant and innovative spaces that enliven homes and workplaces. STUDIO57 big team working under 3D visualizations and architectural projects, interior and exterior design. The team is very committed to high-quality work and always keep the standards high at every stage of the work process.
STUDIO57 has developed 3D visualizations and designs for objects from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Indonesia and others.


Lunas 3D rendering company is a hand-picked team of skilled and passionate CG artists with over 10 years of professional experience, established in 2015.
Architectural background along with the unparalleled artistic taste of visualizers enable to provide the best architects, designers, builders and homeowners, engineering firms, real estate, and development companies all over the world with high-end 3D rendering services, virtual reality technologies, and interactive software solutions.
Lunas architectural visualization studio is established on basis of sheer aspiration and dedication. The portfolio and excellent customer reviews inspire them to test their skills with the most interesting ventures and wildest undertakings. Using top-notch rendering software, virtual reality and animation technologies, Lunas can offer a wide array of creative solutions and hing-standart presentation tools to run effective visual promotion or showcase project and design proposal to potential investors or clientele.


Omega Render is a 3D architectural rendering and visualization studio producing images that you want to be in. Their aim is not just to visualize the object, but to create a real piece of art. High quality 3D render in architecture is a culmination of various skills, including design, composition, balance, symmetry, color, mood and structure.
The core Omega Render areas are 3D exterior and interior rendering, architectural 3D animation, 3D architectural walkthrough, architectural 3D modeling and virtual staging.
Working with such a unique CGI product, Omega Render 3D architectural studio understands that the field is evolving and changing every day, every minute. 20 years ago, modeling objects with the help of software was an invention that made the process easier for many industries and seemed to be ahead of its time. Nowadays, realistic 3D has become a common tool for every creator in various industries. It’s no wonder, since this is the only real way to convey the idea and it essence. The team seeks growth, never stops improving, and is always scouting for talented and promising artists.

4. MIR.

This small studio is located in Bergen, Norway; the city where they grew up. Here, tucked in between mountains and fjords, far away from the hustle and bustle of the world, Mir tries to figure out new and exciting ways to remind people that we live in a fantastic world.
The idea when Mir was founded 20 years ago was that they could make a difference for architects by making images that are noticed. Today they are even more convinced of the same principles as back then.
Mir believes that uniqueness is worth fighting for and that art can change things for the better.

5. WAX

Wax is a group of energetic designers that share a background in architecture and a passion for photography. They always strive for a balance between artistic feeling and technical skill. The team is really enjoy what they do and where they do it – they are a part of the creative hub BINK36 in The Hague.
Wax constantly strives to create compelling visuals. To make the images look equally believable and remarkable they make focus on lighting and composition. The company admits that they are a little stubborn; they won’t stop until they are satisfied with the result.
Wax thinks it’s important that the images must have a depth. That’s why they dig just a little deeper. The key questions: What’s the story here? What do you want to achieve with the image? How do you hope the viewer will react? From there the company can start crafting quality images that will surely stand out.


Arqui9 is an award-winning 3D Creative Agency dedicated to bringing visual concepts to life in this world and the next. Specializing in architecture, marketing and metaverse 3D applications.
Arqui9 integrates the latest technological advancements with a unique artistic approach to visualize and refine tomorrow’s concepts into real-world tangible and investable digital visual outputs.
The team is comprised of multifaceted multitalented artists, architects and engineers. With a diverse team, Arqui9 is able to tackle the most demanding creative tasks, helping brands, developers, architects and clients build their visions. They believe in a melting pot of talent that combined delivers the best results. It enables them to excel at various markets of visualization and styles.


Moare is a team of creative specialists making unbuilt architecture visible. Their goal is to reflect the mood and atmosphere of what will be built.
The studio specializes in visualizations of architecture and product design. Working experience from well known, international architecture companies and from the photography field makes work process highly professional and natural.


Over the past 20 years Luxigon have produced thousands of images, movies, real time 3D and VR files for some of the most prestigious architects, real estate firms and public institutions. Thay have been instrumental in the success of countless competition entries, covering an assortment of programs, from entire cities to small gardens. The company loves architecture, has ample experience, it’s self critical, adaptative and finally, undoubtedly reliable. In short, they are «bona fide».


ArchiCGI was founded in 2011 by a group of architects and designers who saw the need for change in the sphere of architectural rendering.
Nowadays, ArchiCGI works with over 2000 clients all over the world and has a multitude of teams with different specializations. They’ve come a long way, still, that’s only a beginning. Their plan is to double the size each year: they are growing and manage to keep cooperation process as easy and comfortable as if your 3D Artist was sitting in front of you at the same table.
There are two things that ArchiCGI values the most: artistic drive and innovations. The team strives to not just make quality CG visuals – they want to create and deliver pieces of art to the clients with the most tech-savvy, novel means and approaches. And they believe it helps to take 3D visualization services to a completely new level.

10. ZOA

ZOA is an Architectural Visualization Studio, co-authoring architectural imagery and animations with top architects, and real estate developers.
The studio was founded in 2005 in Budapest, Hungary. ZOA is an Architectural Visualization Studio, co-authoring architectural imagery and animations with top architects, and real estate developers.
Their current projects include multi-family residential homes, hotels, commercial buildings, as well as public places.