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3D visualization studio

Welcome to our extensive studio of visualization, architecture and design. We turn your ideas and dreams into reality and professionally create masterpieces to inspire you.

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Our work tells our clients’ stories. See a selection of our projects below that showcase interior and architectural visualization, 3D modelling, 360 panoramas, VR, architectural animation and much more.

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About Studio57

About STUDIO57

We are a large visualization, architecture and design studio that employs more than 197 talented specialists. All our employees are professionals in their field, each with a refined sense of taste, expertise and a love of detail. Each visualizer goes through our own school for employees, so we can say with confidence that each of our specialists have a wide range of knowledge in the field of materials, lighting and composition. What distinguishes us in the market is our competitive price and an effective, individual approach to each client. We are passionate and meticulous in our mission to provide unique, elegant and innovative spaces that enliven homes and workplaces. We have developed 3D visualizations and designs for objects from Germany, the USA, UK, Cameroon, Malta, UAE, France, the Netherlands, Sweden.







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