Alexandr Kasperovich

Co-Founder and CEO

Alexander is more than just a leader; he is the spirit behind Studio57. He is fair and appropriately strict, always concerned about the well-being of his team and ensuring that they never stand still in their development. He is receptive to new ideas and encourages the enhancement of his employees’ skills. Alexander personally guarantees the highest quality of the projects, ready to take responsibility for every detail of the work.


I graduated from Belarusian State University with a Bachelor's degree in International Economy, followed by a Master's degree in World Economy. My academic journey provided me with a comprehensive understanding of global economic trends and business strategies. Specializing in these fields has equipped me with the analytical skills and strategic thinking necessary for effective leadership and management. As the head of the studio, my focus is on guiding our team through the complexities of international markets and business dynamics, ensuring our studio's growth and success in a competitive global landscape. My expertise in international economy plays a crucial role in making strategic decisions and developing long-term plans for the studio.

What is the work ethic and approach at STUDIO57?

As the founder of STUDIO57, I am deeply proud of the ethos and vision that guides our team. At the heart of our philosophy is a commitment to seeing every project as a masterpiece in its own right. We believe that whether it's a single render or a series of hundreds, each task deserves the highest standard of quality and care. Our clients are our greatest asset. We don't just seek transactions; we aspire to build lasting relationships. From our very first interaction, our goal is to create a bond that keeps you coming back with new visions and projects, confident in our ability to bring them to life. But what truly sets STUDIO57 apart is our people. Our employees are the heartbeat of our studio. We invest in them relentlessly, offering top-tier training programs and continuously seeking out the best courses to enhance their skills. This commitment extends across the board, from our talented 3D artists to every member of our dedicated staff. We are more than just a studio; we are a family of creative minds, united in our passion for excellence. Welcome to STUDIO57, where your vision becomes our mission.

What inspired the creation of your visualization studio?

The idea of establishing a visualization studio emerged as a natural extension of our journey. While developing our architecture and design studio from the ground up with my partner, we realized that 3D visualization wasn’t just a part of our work; it was our passion and inspiration. 3D visualization opens up boundless horizons for us. It allows us to bring the boldest ideas to life, offers creative freedom, and the ability to see the results of our labor in vivid, lifelike images. This field is constantly evolving, presenting new challenges that we eagerly embrace. The decision to open a visualization studio came naturally. We see it not only as a business opportunity but as a chance to unleash our creative ambitions and contribute to the world of design and architecture. We are convinced that 3D visualization will always be in demand and remain an integral part of various industries. We are ready to move forward, exploring new horizons and creating unique visual stories.

What is key to a studio's success?

The key to a studio's success is to keep pace with the times, evolve, and actively incorporate new technologies into our work. This allows us to remain relevant and in demand in the 3D visualization market. Of course, the role of a team of specialists cannot be underestimated. Success is impossible without them. It's crucial to value your team and do everything possible to foster their development and professional growth.

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Updated on: Nov. 02, 2023