3D Rendering for Manufacturing

In our portfolio are the 3D visualization projects of any difficulty developed with constant quality and accuracy. Our team is armed with high technologies and experience, always adhere to deadlines and exceed customer’s expectations. Book a call with our manager today to discuss your project and to learn the way we can help you to attain exceptional results.

Large machine tool factories breathe easily, automotive industry representatives rejoice at the enormous scale of advance reservations of the new brand’s model. Magic? No, that is just a merit of the 3D visualization technology. Large or small, mass or serial – not a single production doesn’t go without a powerful tool – 3D rendering. This is a main assistant in setting the tasks, which solution was time-consuming before. Nowadays to advertise or demonstrate your product to the customer several times concentrating attention on technical aspects you don’t need to specifically hire a photograph or bother head on which decorations you should surround the product for composition’s attraction.

3D rendering fulfills a countless number of functions, one of which is error detection on the stage of product planning. This helps to decrease costs on production in the future. Industrial 3D product rendering plays a pivotal role in this, enhancing the accuracy and realism of the visualizations. Additionally, rendering for manufacturing has become an indispensable tool, streamlining the design process and improving communication with stakeholders. Due to 3D visualization, the work efficiency and speed increases. The method of transforming a developed 3D model in the flat image in the special software is also a way of attracting potential partners and investors. The benefits are obvious. To use these benefits Studio57 team proposes you to familiarize with our completed projects, due to them we solved many of different problems for producers. Any idea has its embodiment in reality!


The portfolio of our studio demonstrates the variety of absolutely different realized projects. This great achievement belongs to the 3D artists of Studio57. Our employees are versatile talented persons, for whom no barriers exist - they are free in expression of their knowledge and experience gained in long years of practice.

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The magnificence and, at the same time, simplicity of every visualization, collected in the portfolio, is our major achievement. We not only present your product in the best light, but also carry on a pithy dialog with a potential customer. The projects created for the needs of different producers require heightened attention. That’s why our 3D artists make accents on details. They may set the lighting to an extent where your product’s advantages will surely “bathe” in the spotlights rays. 3D visualization for us is a genuine art. To comprehend this art it is enough to see our projects filled with care for you. Our guarantee is any of yours fulfilled desires.

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We provide a full range of 3D visualization services for projects in the production sphere.

3D visualization of equipment

The visualization of producing equipment is important for demonstration of its functional features both for current customers and for new clients' attraction.
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Product visualization

3D models of products can be used for catalogs and advertisement materials.
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Interior and exterior visualization

Interior and exterior visualization will allow you to showcase your products in the most favorable light, presenting them to potential clients in various usage scenarios and environments.
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360 panoramic tour

360-degree panoramas are useful for projects that seek for production objectives - they can teach the staff, giving them the right idea of industrial projects, and attract new customers.
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VR is an innovation working in real-time. Via VR any project can be corrected in the real-time mode and represent it to investors.
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Animation may liven up production projects, allowing clients to walk through the objects and to understand its potential better.
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Price for 3d rendring

Receive a personalized quote for 3D visualization tailored for producers and e-commerce. Discover the pricing for all our 3D rendering services in our detailed offer. Please click the button and complete a short form to obtain this information.

How It Works

Preliminary specifications

The customer contacts us and transfers preliminary specifications for creation of 3D renders for production objectives, for example, the factory premises or specific equipment for the workshop. It is also crucial for us to obtain the information about the project's goals, technical requirements and expected results. Any materials, to which you attach 3D model, blueprints, sketches, references, etc., these all will become the “boost” for more productive work with you.

Getting started

We create a work group which always consists of the project manager and 3D artists. Their number depends on the capacity and difficulty of the work. We carefully study preliminary specifications and set the deadline which satisfies the customer. From this very moment the visualization’s development starts.

First draft

It is important for us not to waste time at the start, that’s why we present the first draft in low quality to the customer. After the demonstration the client gives remarks, for each of which we find a solution and make corrections. Such iteration method serve as a great guarantee - we know that we move in the same direction with the customer.

Second draft

After corrections are done we show the second draft in high quality to the customer. On the basis of “finished” visualization the client estimates the quality of light settings, color and textures, and spots as far as materials (chosen for the project) suit the image. If there are any corrections we apply them.

Final renders delivery

At the start of project development the customer usually defines in the preliminary specification the resolution in which we should transfer the final product. As a rule it is 4K. In the process there may be elaborations so that we quickly respond to any customer’s remarks.


How to start cooperation with us in 3D visualizations development for your projects in the production sphere? Just contact us right now, tell us which visualization services you need and our team will proceed to work in the shortest terms, guaranteeing quality and professional approach.
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3D visualizations’ advantages

3D visualizations’ advantages

Flaws detection on early stages. 3D visualization of any industrial objects, whether it is integrated iron-and-steel works or a warehouse, helps to quickly detect flaws in the project and correct them before construction starts.
Realistic presentation of the project. The potential of a new logistic center may depend on the correctness of its fitness in the environment. Photorealistic 3D renders may show the major outlet, transport route or any other infrastructure - this will become the guarantee of prospectiveness of the project for investment attraction.
Marketing and project promotion. Industrial projects, if they are not detrimental, have a tendency to expand production capacity. That way the construction of new warehouses or unique offices require advertisement. 3D visualization may help to revive the attention to once forgotten objects. Due to the function of planned projects’ promotion on the web sites or in social networks new infrastructure may become more demanded among the investors.
Time and resources economy. Chucker machine is much easier to represent in the form of a digital 3D model. The creation of a 3D model via special software is much less time and effort consuming than its physical embodiment. 3D rendering offers a wide variety which is epitomized in representing your project in the form of animation or virtual tours.
Extra investment attraction. In comparison to the blueprints, which may be difficult for understanding, the visualization of your project in the industrial sphere is able to highlight major advantages of the object revealing the potential to the maximum.
Budget risks reduction. The usage of 3D visualization allows to estimate in detail financial requirements of the project, detect potential risks and prevent unpredicted costs. This reduces the possibility of failures and contributes to more stable project strategy.

What soft do we use?

The fate of the product in the industrial sphere depends greatly on the chosen software which will be used by 3D artists for creative idea realization. In the embodiment of their idea soft, which offers modern solutions, plays a crucial role. Affluent in tools and wide opportunities are available in such programs as 3Ds Max and Corona Renderer. The level of competence of our 3D artists in them guarantees high quality of final visualizations. Any question, related to virtual reality projects, is solved via the popular Unreal Engine nowadays. To increase the level of professionalism our team went through the course to use this software in work. Unreal Engine has powerful graphic resolution and is affluent in visual effects. This opens new horizons for our development.


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Our 3D artists are a genuine pride. They go with the times, don’t tire from studying something new and always put their soul in the projects. It will be no trouble for them to make renders of industry sphere projects, where everything manufacturing doesn’t appear dirty or lacking in life. Professional qualities of our artists, as well as their skills acquired within the space of many years of practice in visualizations’ creation, will become the epitome of your ideal. We are always aimed at the result, which will surprise you pleasantly and leave the best impression about the team.
3d artist studio57

Zaur Zeynalov


Yan Schneider


Artemy Duval


Afzalshoh Shodiev


3d artist studio57

Ilya Moreau


Ivan Berger


CEO Studio57

Alexander Kasperovich

We possess all necessary resources to create a true passionate professional from the beginner. Our philosophy is built on the immutable principle of talented visualizators support. 3D artists in Studio57 excel in self-dependence, discipline and the desire of constant self-development. These are qualities due to which we win the trust of our customers. To know more about our abilities and to find an individual solution for your project press the button below and reserve a call. I will personally contact you and tell about all our abilities in detail.

CEO Studio57

Alexander Kasperovich


Are you in search of a professional 3D visualization company for your manufacturing products? Congratulations, you've found what you were looking for! We offer a wide range of high-quality 3D rendering services, completed within optimal timeframes. Start collaborating with us and see for yourself.

Perfect quality

High detailed elaboration and realism of the projects is an endless search of the best decision, which is controlled by our artists via selected modern software.


We don’t feed a customer with promises and plan the work on the basis of the project. We objectively estimate the time and don’t promise something we can’t execute. Our 3D artists can, sensu stricto, remove mountains shocking you with perfect renderings. However this is the result of a precise secure system. There is no place for rush. We talk about it fair and square, when taking on the project.

Team’s professionalism

We don’t force anyone to think well of us. We just prove it in acting when communicating with the customer. Every member of our company plays a significant role in its development, whether it is a project manager or sales-manager. We are respectful and empathic. These help us to define your main needs at once.

Individual approach

Our team is deprived of bombast. It is important for us to set a trustee contact with our clients. We act in favor of lightness and simplicity in communication. Such features are traced in our works. Adherence to fashion trends which have no connection to your project is rudeness. Our approach is based on best angles, lighting and details detection, which definitely highlight the uniqueness of completed visualizations.

Transparent work

Feedback is the best progress engine for joint work. You’ll be aware of every stage of the project. We guarantee the transparency of actions taken, due to which you can control the process of visualization creation. Your peace is important for us.

Long term cooperation

We know the price of stability in business. That's the reason why we build long term partner relationships with customers, finding an individual approach to each of them. Our 3D artists day after day develop their skills for that. The results of their fork are qualitative visualizations for which customers come again and again. The word “reliability”, with which we are associated, has become our second name, which we are proud of.

Our Clients

General FAQs

We are ready to answer all your questions regarding 3D visualization and our services. Contact us, and we will provide you with all the necessary information and support.

Substitution to photos, made with expensive equipment, has become digital images which are unmatched in quality. They are able to represent objects and even project scenes (engineering, industrial-scale production and equipment development) as accurately as possible. To embody any of your ideas our 3D artists use special software, such as 3Ds Max and Corona Renderer, which is affluent in tools and wide range of functions. These renders are not only visually appealing but also provide the opportunity for detailed demonstration and analysis of projects before their implementation, a key factor in industrial design and manufacturing.

Yes, we use the blueprints provided by the customer. These materials, as well as any other existing information, allow us to create detailed and accurate 3D visualizations, whether it is a separate model of some structure or the exterior of a grand plant. Our expertise particularly shines in industrial 3D product rendering, where we apply advanced techniques for product 3D visualization tailored for manufacturing.

project, its scale, and requirements to details, i.e., a number of factors. On average, an industrial project’s 3D visualization development may take from several days to weeks. We can set precise terms after the project’s detailed discussion. This timeframe includes meticulous work in industrial 3D product rendering and product 3D visualization for manufacturing, ensuring that every element is crafted with the highest level of accuracy and detail required for industrial applications.

Today not one modernization of an industrial building or its construction from scratch don’t do without 3D studio’s services. To have an idea of the project’s potential investors should see its advantages. This task is left to 3D artists which are able to wake the interest to the project creating realistic renders.

Our usual 3D visualizations are presented in 4K resolution, but in demand, we can present images in higher quality. This capability is especially beneficial for rendering for manufacturing, where precision and detail are paramount. Our high-resolution outputs ensure that every aspect of industrial designs and products is captured with utmost clarity, facilitating better understanding and decision-making in manufacturing processes.

Final renders fully belong to the customer and if the customer wants we can sign a non-disclosure agreement. Concerning 3D models and scene: the data is stored on our defended online servers. This provides the possibility to quickly modify renders if needed.

For the development of photorealistic renders for an industrial project, we require preliminary specifications, blueprints, any existing 3D models, and all additional information from the customer, including references and other materials. The more information we have about your product, the more precise and realistic the final manufacturing visualizations will be. This comprehensive approach ensures that every detail of your product is accurately represented, ultimately enhancing the clarity and effectiveness of the visualizations for your manufacturing needs.

To know the exact price of 3D renders for manufacturing project, the best approach is to contact us directly and provide the preliminary specifications of your project. This information enables us to assess the scale and specific requirements of your project. Based on this assessment, we can then offer you an optimal pricing solution that aligns with the intricacies and demands of your industrial project. Our goal is to provide a tailored and cost-effective approach for each client, ensuring that you receive high-quality, detailed 3D visualizations at a competitive price.

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Written by Anders Ljung | Key Account Manager

Updated on: Nov. 27, 2023