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It’s been a long time since all successful architecture and design studios use the 3D rendering opportunities for their projects. 3D visualization eases the task for architects and designers in presentation of their projects to customers and so raises the level of interaction in work on the project. Except for presentation to the customers, 3D rendering is also used in architectural and design marketing agencies, because in the world of increased competition, a qualitative portfolio has great value. That is why the usage of qualitative 3D visualization services for your projects places our studio one step ahead among the competitors. We propose all the services concerning 3D visualization of architectural and design projects.
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Portfolio is a face of our visualization studio. In the portfolio you can find a great amount of architectural and design visualization works each of which demonstrates our professionalism and aspiration for a perfect result.

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We understand that 3D rendering plays a crucial role in presentation of architectural and design projects to the customer. That’s why working on your projects we give great attention to every detail, because even a minor detail may predetermine the perception of the whole image and the project overall. Our aim is not only to simply show the project but to inspire, attract attention and entrance by details, that’s the reason why we thoroughly work on setting the aspect angle, lighting, textures for the final image to catch attention from the first glance. It is important that 3D visualization not only demonstrates the project but hitches up sight and reveals more and more details in the image.

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High-end 3D renderings for leading studios

We are ready to take on projects of any difficulty and scale providing a full range of 3D rendering services for architectural and design buros.

Architectural rendering

3D visualization of living and public architectural projects of any scale and difficulty.
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Interior visualization

Photorealistic 3D rendering of private and public interior design projects.
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360 panorama

Interactive image of architectural and design projects allowing us to soak deeply into the project and to take a look at it from a different angle.
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Your project development via the Unreal Engine allows you to dive into the virtual space of your architectural and design concepts.
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Architectural animation

A dynamic presentation of your architectural project that allows for a virtual fly-around of the building, showcasing all its features and advantages
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3D modelling

Creation of qualitative detailed 3D models on the blueprints base.

The cost of 3D visualization development

Please click the button and complete a brief form. We will then send you a detailed proposal, outlining the costs of each service and options for long-term collaboration packages.

How It Works

Acquaintance with the project

A customer contacts us and transfers preliminary specifications for architectural and design visualizations development. Except for preliminary specifications it is important to provide us with any information concerning the project: plans, concept, absolutely everything that you consider as important. The more information we have the more accurate our work is.

Work start

We create a work chat in which are added our work team (project manager and 3D artists) and the customer with their representatives. We carefully study the documentation for the project and set a deadline on 3D renders creation.

First draft

Our 3D artists proceed to work and we show first drafts in low quality to the customer. You can estimate the correctness of the model, aspect angle and composition. Then we receive feedback about corrections.

Second draft

We correct the render after the first draft demonstration and show the second draft to the customer in higher quality for the customer to descry all the details of the image. Then we receive feedback about corrections.

Delivery of final renders

After applying final amendments we deliver completed 3D renders in 4K resolution to the customer and receive feedback about our work.


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Benefits of 3D visualization

Benefits of 3D visualization

Projects’ presentation: due to 3D visualization architects and designers can demonstrate efficiently their concept, idea or project to colleges, customers or investors.
Flaws detection: though 3D rendering it is possible to find flaws in an architectural or design project even before construction starts. This reduces resources, time and also prevents potential problems in the future.
Efficient communication with the customer: 3D visualization provides visual representation of your project, allowing clients to see it in photorealistic form and various lighting conditions. This not only allows to represent better your concept, but also simplifies the process of introduction and changes demonstration on different work stages.
Marketing: photorealistic 3D visualizations play a crucial role in image formation for architectural and design studios. Properly executed visualization not only demonstrates the professionalism of the team, but also attracts customers’ attention, becoming a bright element in the portfolio. Aside from that, such images are perfect for promotion in social networks and insertion in commercials.
Universalism: our range of services in 3D visualization allows customers to choose the type of product representation which corresponds with the needs and goals in the best way. That way you can always optimize your budget and time, choosing the best suited solution.
Work process optimizing: the usage of 3D visualization in the studio’s work process increases significantly the efficiency of designing and planning. This permits teams to faster and more accurate coordinate their actions, to evaluate various variants of design and architecture outright, and also to shorten the time of iterations and corrections in the project.


Creating 3D visualizations for architectural and design studios is a task that demands great attention to detail, exceptional skill from 3D artists, and, of course, the use of the best software in the world of 3D. In our studio, our 3D artists work professionally with 3ds Max and Corona Renderer, enabling us to achieve the highest level of realism and precision in every project. For projects requiring virtual reality creation, we use the UNREAL ENGINE. Our choice of UNREAL ENGINE is due to its ability to bring the most complex ideas to life with astounding accuracy and depth. All our employees have undergone specialized training to work with these tools, so we guarantee that your architectural or interior visualization project will be executed at a high level.


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Our best 3D artists, each with at least five years of experience in visualization and a higher specialized education, will be dedicated to creating the visualizations for your architectural and design projects. Furthermore, each of our employees undergoes training at our internal academy and continuously enhances their skills in 3D visualization through advanced knowledge courses.
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Zaur Zeynalov


Afzalshoh Shodiev


Artemy Duval


Ivan Berger


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Yan Schneider


CEO Studio57

Alexander Kasperovich

I know firsthand how crucial high-quality 3D visualizations are for presenting architectural and interior design projects to clients and investors. Our quality control department always ensures that the final renders we deliver to the client are of the highest quality, and I can confidently say that working with us will leave you completely satisfied with the results. Click the button below to schedule a call, and I will personally contact you to discuss our capabilities and begin working on your incredible project.

CEO Studio57

Alexander Kasperovich


We value each client and strive to ensure that working with us leaves only the best impressions. We always make every effort to achieve the highest quality and adhere to all project deadlines.

The art of photorealism

Our studio gives great attention to photorealism of architecture and interior visualizations. We are eager to reach that level of realism where our works are hard to differ from real photos. This is the key element for our clients to fully appreciate the beauty and details of the project.

Individual approach to every customer

We appreciate the uniqueness of every project and seek for close communication with clients, in order to embody the idea of the project in our 3D renders. Flexibility and personalisation of the work process is our main strategy.

Wide range of services

We provide various 3D visualization services: from static images to videos and virtual tours. Our studio embraces various directions: from visualization of architectural projects and interior designs to 3D rendering for developers, producers and many others.

Professionalism and experience

Our team is a synthesis of deep knowledge and veteran experience in the sphere of 3D visualization. We are proud of the high level of technical proficiency of our specialists and their ability to transform ideas into pieces of art.

Efficiency and execution speed

Modern technologies allow us to achieve high results in adequate timelines. This is especially valuable for clients who work in the conditions of strict deadlines. Our experience allows us to evaluate timelines and opportunities on the stage of studying preliminary specifications.

Customer Focus:

We offer flexible collaboration terms and transparent pricing policies, highlighting our commitment to the success of each project.

Our Clients

General FAQs

We're happy to answer any of your questions. If you need to know more about our services or want to start working on your project, feel free to each out to us.

We provide a wide range of 3D visualization services for architects and designers: static 3D renders for architecture and interior design, 360 panoramas, architectural animation, 3D modeling, VR.

This depends on preliminary specification, the difficulty of the project, the quantity of the aspect angles, etc. To estimate terms for your project just contact us, transfer all the information concerning the project and we will let you know the timelines for 3D renders development for your architectural or design project within the shortest possible period of time.

As well as timelines, price on 3D visualization development depends on the difficulty of the project, the quantity of the aspect angles needed and also timelines. To find the price of works for your project contact us and provide all the information concerning the project.

Preliminary specifications, and also all the files which may relate to the project. The more information our specialists obtain the more precise will be work on your 3D visualization project.

We develop photorealistic architecture and interior renders all over the world. It doesn’t matter in which region the customer is.

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Written by Anders Ljung | Key Account Manager

Updated on: Nov. 24, 2023