3d Architectural rendering services

Photorealistic architectural visualization for your business. Our team specializes in delivering top-quality exterior renderings, while ensuring unwavering commitment to meeting your deadlines.

Photorealistic architectural 3D rendering for your business

Architecture visualization is an indispensable instrumental to demonstrate your future project, idea, both the concept of a private house architectural design and public areas, the landscape and other essential details.
Studio57 offers you a whole lot of services concerning architectural 3D visualization: from sketch 3D visualization for general concept showing, to photorealistic rendering of the entire city to literally mirror every single detail of your project, demonstrate textures, lighting and plants that you have in mind for your architectural design.
Download elaborated catalog of architectural visualization works with a comprehensive description of the project, hourage, and artists involved in the project.


Our work tells the stories of our clients. Check out our portfolio of architectural visualizations to make sure we are exactly who you need to create your project.

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The level of architectural 3D visualization today has risen to incredible heights, so the main goal has changed. Final image must not only display an architectural project but carry an artistic value: the right setting of light and composition, detailed elements - the image is supposed to be as realistic as possible. All of this can be achieved with Studio57’s architectural rendering services.Architectural project visualization makes it possible to obtain a project still under development or make the necessary changes to an existing project, attract the investors, showing them your idea described in photorealistic images.

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Stunning Visuals for Industry Titans

Your business definitely in need of our architectural 3D rendering services if you are:

Architectural and design studios

that need to visualize their creative ideas and designs in order to effectively present them to colleagues, clients and investors.
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Real estate developers

who want to demonstrate the potential and attractiveness of the construction projects, as well as attract investment.
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who want to increase the appeal of their properties by making adjustments to an existing visualization and demonstrate "what it might look like".

Marketing agencies

that promote architectural projects and strive to present projects in the most attractive light.

Architectural visualization price

We provide an extensive array of architectural visualization services, catering to both one-time projects and ongoing partnerships. For a tailored proposal regarding the creation of architectural 3D renders, kindly click the button below to complete a brief form.

How It Works


The client contacts us and messages across design specifications for architectural visualizations, as well as all the necessary files associated with this project.


We create a working chat with a project manager, 3d artists (the number depends on the complexity of the project). We examine the terms of reference and together with the client determine the deadline for exterior renders.


We show the client the first draft in low quality to confirm the correctness of the model (structure, geometry, etc.). If necessary, we receive comments and edits from the client.


The second draft is shown after applying the edits. At this time the image is in a higher quality so that the client can appreciate all the ins and outs of the image (light, color, textures, etc.) We get the final edits, if any.

Sending final renders

We create architectural visualization in high quality and transfer it to the customer, having previously applied all comments and edits, if they were after the second draft showing.


How to get started with architectural rendering for your project? Easy - contact us right now, describe what visualization services you need and our team will spring into action as soon as possible.
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How we create an architectural render

How we create an architectural render

First of all, the 3D artist studies the terms of reference from the customer, all documents, drawings, references relating to the project. This step helps the artist to understand the requirements and features of the project in order to create an architectural visualization that meets all the specified criteria.
The 3D artist communicates with the team and the project manager, sets the deadline for the work to create architectural renders, and moves on to the search of inspirational references.
If the customer lacks a 3D model, then we are to create it. Based on the received data and references, the artist begins to make a 3D model using specialized 3D modeling programs. He creates the geometry of objects, their shapes and proportions.
The next step - setting the angle - is one of the most important parts of the work on creating a render.The purpose of a view is to emphasize a part or a particular aspect of the project. For example, to give visual information to the builders on the execution of works or to show the client a general view of the building.
The next step in creating an exterior visualization is to set up materials, apply color, texture and pattern to all surfaces. The artist carefully works on the details to achieve a realistic look of the building and environment.
Lighting setup is also an important step in creating an architectural visualization. The artist carefully selects and adjusts light sources, taking into account the time of day and weather conditions for emphasizing architectural details and in order to create an atmosphere and convey the right mood. High-quality lighting allows you to bring realism and depth to the visualization, making it more attractive.
Creating renders using Corona Renderer and subsequent post-processing in Adobe Photoshop are the final stages of the architectural rendering process. Corona Renderer provides high quality rendering, while Adobe Photoshop allows you to enhance the final image, apply color corrections, adjust lighting and add finishing touches to achieve the desired effect and rendering quality.


To create architectural renderings our 3d artists use 3ds Max and Corona Renderer, which offer advanced rendering technologies and provide high quality images.ds 3ds Max is perfectly compatible with Revit and Autocad, a huge database of ready-made 3D models and a large number of necessary functionality to create high-quality architectural rendering. Corona Renderer is especially known for its photorealistic rendering, which creates visually appealing and realistic scenes. After that, all architectural renderings go through a post-processing process in Adobe Photoshop for getting the best quality image at the end.


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Talented 3D artists who have extensive experience in creating architectural renderings are working on the creation of architectural visualization. They are painstaking and attentive to details, so we are confident that the result of our team's work will exceed all your expectations. Our co-workers never stop and keep up with the time abreasting of all the novelties and trends in the world of architectural visualization and 3D rendering in general.
3d artist studio57

Zaur Zeynalov


3d artist studio57

Liza Eydrian


3d artist studio57

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Afzalshoh Shodiev


Ivan Berger


project manager studio57

Melvin Eydrian

Head of Visualization Department

The main difference between us and “them”?

CEO Studio57

Alexander Kasperovich

We do not sweat blood over the project to make showy photorealistic visualizations, we also want to give off the emotions to our customers. From the first touch with our manager, to the release of the project, we do our best to ensure the afterbite is positive. We constantly make sure that collaboration with us is comfortable for the client. There I mean that we both ensure a pleasant working atmosphere and, at the same time, the quality of architectural renderings so that you come back to us every time you need a new architectural visualization project.

CEO Studio57

Alexander Kasperovich


We offer high-quality architectural 3D visualization services, so you can bring all your ideas and architectural projects to life. Our large team is here to take on both the visualization of the exterior of a small house and implement an architectural rendering of a huge hotel complex.

Top specialists

Each 3D artist in our company is dedicated to his work and has more than 5 years of experience. We stand for education - that is why our professionals have specialized education and constantly improve their skills.

Emerging technologies

We keep up with the time and use innovative technologies in the world of 3D visualization. The Studio is not limited to the creation of architectural 3D visualizations, we also offer architectural animation services, architectural development in Unreal Engine, 360 panoramic tours etc.

Quality result

We strive to achieve a high level of our architectural 3D visualizations so that every detail and atmosphere of the project is conveyed the way our client intended.

Strict adherence to deadlines.

Choosing our 3D visualization studio, you can be sure that your project will be delivered on time. We pay special attention to meeting the deadlines, and offer only such deadlines for delivery, in which we can show the high quality of the result of architectural rendering.

Individual approach

Each client and each project is unique for us. We carefully listen to all wishes and analyze your needs in order to create visualizations that are fully consistent with your vision and project goals.

Honest communication with the client

We know how essential effective communication with clients is. Our project managers and 3D artists are always ready to listen to your ideas or answer your questions and take into account all your wishes during the creation of 3d renders.

Our Clients

General FAQs

You have questions about architectural visualization? We have the answers! We've answered the most popular questions about exterior rendering. If you still have questions just contact us!

We cannot estimate an exact price for the development of the exterior render until we see your terms of reference. In general, the price depends on:

  • the presence of a 3D model. If you have a 3D model of the building, the price and terms for creating an architectural render will be lower, because the creation of a 3D model takes a lot of time.
  • Scale of work. There is a huge gap between rendering a small house and rendering a skyscraper.
  • The number of angles, as well as the desired angles: the farther the camera is from the object, the more details will be included, respectively, this requires more work and time.

The timing of the development of an architectural render wags:

  • The client has a detailed technical specification.
    References of exterior visualizations, which reflect the concept and quality that the client wants to receive.
  • Presence of building 3D model.
  • Presence of landscape design and its complexity.
  • The speed of communication between the customer and our team when working on a project.

3D model, if available, as well as everything related to your project: terms of reference, building drawings, landscape plan, references, facade decoration, etc.

If we are talking about a model, then the FBX or SketchUp format, as well as the STL, OBJ, DAE, Max, DWG formats. As for other files, such as drawings, landscape plan, references, any format convenient for you will suit.

We have a large staff of 3D artists who perform different tasks. Depending on the project of architectural visualization, its complexity, scope and tasks, from 1 to 10 artists can work on it at once. On average, two or three 3D visualizers work on a project. In addition to our artists, there will always be a project manager next to you who usually communicates
and monitors the progress of the project. In addition, we have a dedicated quality assurance team that goes through
all of our architectural visualization projects, so you always get a quality final product.

At the start point of each exterior rendering project we sign an NDA, which automatically guarantees confidentiality. Also the Project Manager accurately controls the entire flow of information and data about the project. After the project is completed, we archive the scenes and all files and store them in our separate offline server, which also indicates high reliability. Why do we archive the project? This is done so that if sometime in a year or two after the completion of the project you want to change or redo something, we can easily edit without high costs for this process.
Inside the studio, there are a number of rules and legal aspects that also guarantee a high level of security.

We provide all final renders in the project in 4k format. At the request of the customer, on an individual basis, or if necessary, we can provide renders in higher quality.

If the project involves the creation of a 3D model, then of course we present it to the client. But if we are just to create architectural visualizations, then we do not provide an archive with source files. The scene and models are kept in Studio, as it contains lots of models from our personal library. Individually, at the request of the customer, we can provide
a 3D scene for an additional fee.

It is a detailed guide to action from the customer. All in all, this is a file with a detailed description of the customer’s requirements for the project. It indicates the characteristics, features of the task, additional conditions, deadlines. In fact, this is a guide to action for the performer.

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Written by Anders Ljung | Key Account Manager

Updated on: Aug. 24, 2023