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Our 3D visualizations for e-commerce exceed expectations causing delight and emotions. We create projects which exactly solve the customers’ problems, due to the team of professional 3D artists tirelessly developing their skills. We guarantee the highest quality for every project. Contact us for your project’s discussion!

Both the goods of luxury or mass segment are waiting for the moment when they will be taken from the digital shelf. Representatives of e-commerce, who expect unprecedented growth in conversion in a new month, are interested in that.
In the modern world where technologies exist the achievement of the indispensable level in specific indexes becomes especially pleasant. Everything is realizable if 3D visualization works for the welfare of commerce. Visualization solves the problems of product attractiveness and facilitates the sales process. Due to visualization the product can be represented from different sides, the right angle picked and application features are explained.
These advantages are able to emphasize the brand on competitors’ background, and strengthen the brand’s position in the market. With the help of 3D rendering the representatives of e-commerce may propose more qualitative products, deprived of any defects, to the end consumer. Satisfacted client = best client.
The objective of our team is to justify client’s expectations to the full, leaving only pleasant aftertaste from our cooperation. We are ready not only to dream with you, but also make these dreams come true. Determine that by taking a look at our projects.


We’ve been long looking for our own style by overcoming many difficulties on the way. Among the projects’ diversity the uniqueness of 3D artists of Studio57 can be read. Their talent has no limits.

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Inimitable nature of our works is a feature which is noticeable with the naked eye. This is the reason why we are able to show off the product in the best light. We give much attention to subtlety, thoroughly setting the lighting, colors and textures. 3D visualization for us is an art and for its understanding we are ready to tell in detail the story of our every project.

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The best custom experience for your online shop

We provide full range of 3D visualization services for e-commerce projects

3D Product Visualization

Showcase your products in stunning detail with high-quality 3D models, perfectly positioned in a digital showcase.
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Animation allows in a simple form to get product’s features and functionality over to the customer. For example, online shops of digital technique may apply such technologie to demonstrate the work principles of screen lock or fingertips scanner for smartphones.
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Interior visualization

Helps to represent the way products may look in different interiors, improving visual perception and helping the clients to ideate the product in their own space.
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Architecture visualization

Creates realistic and detailed images of buildings and structures, which may be used for representing the potential construction and design projects in the context of e-commerce.
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Virtual reality (VR)

Proposes a unique experience of immersion, allowing clients to test and inspect the product virtually. This greatly improves the user experience and contributes to decision making about purchase.
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Interactive 3D models

They give the full sense of immersion in the world of e-commerce, allow to study the product from all sides with the rotation function, scale up, zoom out/in, i.e. with the help of wide interaction of the consumer with the product before purchasing.

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How It Works

Technical task

The customer sends us the preliminary specifications in which dots down the main project details: objectives, tasks, the expectations of the work. To create 3D renders of, for example, domestic appliances we additionally need any blueprints, references, sketches, ready 3D models (if they exist). This will help us to start conception development more quickly.

The start of work

The project manager constantly communicates with the customer to give them feedback concerning the project work. And our best 3D artists work hard on creation of realistic images for commerce goal achievement. Usually not all employees are involved, their number depends on the scale and difficulty of the tasks. We carefully study preliminary specifications and after that provide terms for project development. After agreeing on all nuances we get on start.

First draft

On the primary stage the main object of discussion with the customer is the first draft. It is important for us not to waste time at the start, that’s why we present the first draft in low quality to the customer. After the demonstration the client gives remarks, for each of which we find a solution and make corrections. Such iteration method serve as a great guarantee - we know that we move in the same direction with the customer.

Second draft

On this stage, which precesses qualitative renders, our 3D artists still may make minimal corrections. However, they are more of a “cosmetic” nature. After the client estimated the quality of lighting, colors and textures on the “final” visualization, we smoothly move to the finish.

Final renders delivery

Our aim is to provide the final result which fully meets the expectations of the client and the requirements of their preliminary specifications. On this stage we transfer visualizations in high quality, usually of 4K resolution. And enjoy ourselves over regular perfectly done work due to the harmonious system of our team.


How to start cooperation with us in 3D visualizations development for your projects in e-commerce? Just contact us right now, tell us which visualization services you need and our team will proceed to work in the shortest terms, guaranteeing quality and professional approach.
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What are the benefits of 3D visualizations?

What are the benefits of 3D visualizations?

Improved product representation. Due to 3D visualizations customers can try clothes on before planning shopping which saves their time. With such an approach they will understand to what extent that or another dress or jacket suits them. 3D rendering technologies also decrease the costs of users on things, which in the end will just collect dust in the wardrobe.
Higher trust level. This index is important for e-commerce representatives, because customers' loyalty to the brand depends on it. If one furniture company may propose to the customer to put the 3D model of the chair or sofa virtually in the interior of their flat, then the company significantly benefits on the competitors’ background. This forms trust.
Refunds reduction. Realistic images of the goods may decrease the number of dissatisfied clients as well as the number of refunds. The principle works easy: the customer receives comprehensive product’s representation, on which basis they form the decision whether to buy product or not.
Personalization. The consumers can visualize their preferences independently. For example, a car’s owner is able to choose the color of the vehicle body or interior material depending on their image of ideal car. 3D visualization in this case will help client to set the product exclusively for their needs.
Flaws detection on planning stage. Due to 3D visualizations the defects of the product can be detected much easier and faster. It is sufficient to take a virtual test or experiment.
Marketing and Brand Promotion. Every marketing department of any brand needs just one piece of knowledge - what determines a user's confidence in making a purchase? If 3D visualization doesn't directly answer this question, it certainly helps to create this feeling much more effectively. The ability to examine a product from any angle and side endears users, as a result of which they clearly justify their purchasing motivation for themselves.


A software for 3D visualization creation plays a key role in e-commerce. Our 3D artists are able to cope with any software actualizing their knowledge. They can not only design 3D models for furniture companies’ online shops in 3Ds Max, but also indirectly influence the growth in web site’s conversion. That’s all because their masterpiece and absolute mastery of the software allow them to create realistic and qualitative renders, which move users towards successful deals on the net. Moreover, Unreal Engine gaining popularity in the sphere of 3D visualization and mastered by our team gives us an opportunity to embody the most daring ideas of the customers. Due to the engine we can create virtual tours through shops and stare at the product showcases, not being distressed for disturbing someone.


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Our 3D artists are real experts, constantly developing their skills. They follow modern trends and technologies in the sphere of 3D rendering and are proud of their professionalism. Perennial experience in 3D visualization creation is their basis for the main inner conviction: they can cope with the task of any difficulty and transform your project into treasure. The works for clients always have their soul, which is put in by guys from Studio57, who strive to import individual features in every project.

Afzalshoh Shodiev


Anastasia Belmont


3d artist studio57

Ilya Moreau


3d artist studio57

Liza Eydrian


Artemy Duval


Ivan Berger


CEO Studio57

Alexander Kasperovich

Except for qualitative results in the form of any 3D visualization product sent to the customer with the abidance to all the terms, our team guarantees them positive emotions. Interaction with us and cooperative work on the project, which from the start to the very end is led by a talented project manager, always leaves the best memories about Studio57. As a CEO, I feel pleasure to realize that the nostalgia feeling sincerely affects close and dear clients, who tell about us and our services, forming a flawless reputation. Our mission is to meet the expectations, that’s why we work not only on photorealistic renders creation, but also on building long term and convenient relationships.

CEO Studio57

Alexander Kasperovich


Our work is our face, so we closely monitor the quality of the visualizations we deliver to our clients. High quality, strict deadlines, and experienced 3D artists are the foundation of our work.

Best specialists

Profile education and as a result knowledge in the sphere of 3D visualization is good. But it is even better when they are skillfully applied, using a creative approach. Our 3D artists are determined and are open to everything new. They are never scared to bring forward interesting hypotheses and to check them in practice, demonstrating projects of unbelievable realism. Their expert vision is able to crash any stereotypes and to set up new worlds.

Modern technologies

We study the new. Sometimes we make mistakes, but never stop doing our work with enthusiasm. Technologies help us with that. They are quickly developing, but so we are not moving like turtles. To correspond to the client’s expectations we use only advanced programs and equipment for quality renders realization. And our 3D artists are not limited in the forms of representing their creative element - they model both simple 3D models and provide architectural animations and 360 panoramic tours to whole businesses, meeting their needs.

Qualitative result

We respect proposed by the client ideas and correspond to their expectations. To achieve the exact epitome of ideas into life, our 3D artists work with enthusiasm. They like to solve “puzzles”, because they are confident that in the end the price for the power spent will pay off - there is nothing better than the satisfied client.

Custom approach

We approach every client and project individually. Attentive detail development, thorough needs analysis and expectations anticipation. We intently catch every client’s word and make them happy, because we know how to listen. This is our advantage, allowing us to create the best works, which can be proud of.

Strict abidance to the deadlines

Turning to our studio of 3D visualization you can be confident that your project will be done in time. We give great attention to deadline’s abidance while aflutter treat the quality of the result.

Neat communication with the customer

Efficiency is our goal. For this aim, we build smooth communication with our clients. Any member of our team is ready to hear out and give answers to all worrying questions. We appreciate the feedback, because it serves as a main “currency” in understanding customer’s needs.

Our Clients

General FAQs

You have questions about architectural visualization? We have the answers! We've answered the most popular questions about exterior rendering. If you still have questions just contact us! Haven't found the answer to your question? Feel free to reach out to us, and we will be happy to answer all your queries and provide information about our 3D visualization services.

Substitution to photos, made with expensive equipment, has become digital images which are unmatched in quality. They are able to represent the e-commerce goods and even whole digital shop counters in detail. To embody any of your ideas our 3D artists use special software, such as 3Ds Max and Corona Renderer, which is affluent in tools and wide range of functions.

Yes, we use the blueprints provided by the customer. These materials, as well as any other existing information, allow us to create detailed and accurate 3D visualizations, whether it is a separate model of a chair for a furniture production or a pair of sport shoes, designed for the product card in the online shop.

The terms may differ greatly depending on the difficulty of the project, its scale and requirements to details, i.e. a number of factors. On average, 3D visualization development may take from several days to weeks. We can set precise terms after the project’s detailed discussion.

The services of 3D studios are used actively in the sphere of e-commerce, because realistic renders of goods may raise the consumers’ interest. The last ones make decisions about purchase easier when they thoroughly study the product. The confidence in the product’s quality is realized due to scrupulous work of the 3D artist, whose skills indirectly influence the sites conversion.

Our usual 3D visualizations are presented in 4K resolution, but in demand we can present images in higher quality.

Final renders fully belong to the customer and if the customer wants we can sign a non-disclosure agreement. Concerning 3D models and scene: the data is stored on our defended online servers. This provides the possibility to quickly modify renders if needed.

For development we need preliminary specifications, blueprints, 3D models (if they exist) and all additional information from the customer, including references and other materials.

To receive an accurate price contact us and provide preliminary specifications. This allows us to estimate the scale and specifics of your project and propose to you optimal price.

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Written by Anders Ljung | Key Account Manager

Updated on: Nov. 26, 2023