3D product visualization

Photorealistic 3D product visualization for your projects. We guarantee a high quality result. You’ll be satisfied with an every product render which we create with a strict adherence to deadlines.

High quality 3D product rendering for your business

What is 3D product rendering? This is a process of creating 3D images of products via specialized software and computer graphics. For us in Studio57 it is a painstaking and creative process: we not only produce a product render, but work on representing your product visualization in the best possible light. Our 3D renders are so realistic that it is hard to distinguish whether it is a render on a photo of the product. Product visualization is a powerful tool which allows brands, marketologists and producers to demonstrate their product before it appears on the market. Download a trial presentation with examples of our 3D product visualization projects in which work process, time limits and the quantity of 3D artists worked on the project are described in detail.


Our portfolio of 3D visualizations of products represents long standing experience and expertise which we gained in this sphere. Go through our works and determine that we are the specialists whom you need to create high quality renders of your product.

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In Studio57 we are proud of the high level of 3D product visualization. Our team of talented 3D artists and professionals possesses vast experience and creative approach which makes our works unbelievably realistic. Product visualization is not only a technical process, but art for us. Our artists make maximum effort for every 3D render to reflect individual features and arise emotions from our clients as well as to play a crucial role in promoting the product on the market.

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Impressive product visualizations for the best players in their sphere

Your company certainly needs our 3D product visualization services if you are:

Goods producers

who use 3D product visualization before launching the product in the manufacturing which helps on the stage of production development as well as for launching marketing company before product yield.

E-commerce platforms

to improve customers' visual perception and provide them with the opportunity to study the product in more detail which also helps to improve the idea of the product, present it in the best light and to make an accent on major details.

Marcetologists and advertising companies

whom product visualization helps to start its promotion even before production. 3D visualization has unlimited opportunities in representing the product in any angle and absolutely different conditions and atmosphere.

Producers and brands of furniture and decors

aside from prospective to receive product visualization before production they can also ideate their goods in a variety of interiors and scenarios, which will greatly expand marketing opportunities of the product.

Product and packaging designers

who can render products in the context of packaging to estimate the influence of the packaging on the client and correct the design before product yield.

Start-ups and entrepreneurs

who can represent their product to the investors and draw investments in the project.

Price for 3D Product Visualization

To receive a personalized estimate for our 3D product rendering services and long-term cooperation packages, please click the button and complete a brief form.

What way does work proceed

Preliminary specifications

A customer contacts us and transfers preliminary specifications for developing 3D product visualizations, plans, design specifications, sketches, moodboard or any other information concerning the project.


We create a work team with a project manager and 3D artists. Carefully study preliminary specifications, plan the work process and then conform to the schedule for developing 3D product visualization with a customer.

1st preview

We show the first draft of the product to the customer, for them to consider whether the model is proper, textures, light and surroundings (if there are). Then we apply corrections if needed.

2nd preview

After corrections we show the second draft in a higher quality for the customer to have an opportunity to estimate all the details of the image. Then we apply corrections if needed.

Final renders delivering

After final corrections we transfer final product renders in high quality.


How to start working with us on creating 3D product visualizations for your project? That’s easy, fill in the short form, describe what product visualization services you need and we contact you to start the work in the shortest terms.
Thank you! We will contact you soon.

How do 3D product visualizations proceed

How do 3D product visualizations proceed

3D model. In the absence of a 3D model our team starts from its development. This is a painstaking and difficult process, because the 3D model is a base for 3D product rendering, because accurately built 3D model leads to the best results.
Texturing. We add materials, textures, colors and other details to the 3D model, which makes the result of 3D visualization more realistic and detailed.
Light settings. Light works the same way as in real life providing volume and depth to the product. We can set one or more light sources, differ the intensity, color and direction which influence the perception of the final image.
Camera setting. Camera settings allow to choose an optimal camera angle and create an ideal frame to unlock the product’s potential to the maximum.
Rendering. Conclusive process of transforming a 3D model into the finished image via specialized programs. High quality and possible low level of noise in your renders allows you to work confidently with the final result.
Post-editing. Via special graphic programs we add the final touch to the product image for improvement of contrast, color grading improvement, etc. We do it all to achieve top quality work results.


There is a great choice of software for creating product visualizations. We use 3D Max. It is one of the most popular softwares for work. What are the advantages of 3D Max. 3D Max provides a variety of opportunities for texturising, which helps to give a maximum realistic look to the product. Powerful light capacities assist in creation of realistic shadows, highlights and other effects. On a par with 3D Max we often use Ureal Engine for product renders production, and it gives us even more prospective abilities. Unreal Engine allows to create not only static images, but also dynamic animations, including VFX (visual effects), which adds extra depth and dynamism to visualizations of your products.


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Our team is our pride. Each and every of our 3D artists treats their project as a creative process of developing a new inimitable piece of art. Every project is unique for our team, that’s why you can feel certain that if you turn to us your product visualization will be done with special love and care to details. Every customer is of importance to us. We devote great care to make only the best impression of the work process and final result. We strive for your experience of working with us to be so impressive that you would consider us your reliable partner forever and return again and again.
3d artist studio57

Ilya Moreau


Yan Schneider


Ivan Berger


project manager studio57

Melvin Eydrian

Head of Visualization Department

3d artist studio57

Zaur Zeynalov


Afzalshoh Shodiev


CEO Studio57

Alexander Kasperovich

For us, the main point in product visualization is your product success, to which we also devote all our energies. Your success = our success. Turning to us you’ll be certain about the highest quality of our services in providing 3D product visualizations. From the very first greeting and to the delivering of the final renders we do all for visualizations to justify all your expectations. I personally bear the responsibility in front of every client and am ready to guarantee perfect work results.

CEO Studio57

Alexander Kasperovich


We specialize in top-tier 3D product visualization, transforming your concepts into lifelike renderings. Our skilled team adeptly handles everything from detailed visualizations of small items to expansive product ranges, ensuring every aspect of your product is impeccably presented.


Our team has vast experience in creating 3D product visualizations. In many years we’ve worked with a great number of brands in absolutely different spheres. That’s why we exactly understand the needs and desires of our customers.

Nonstandard approach

Our team treats every project with a creative approach striving to develop unique, creative 3D visualizations, which highlight the customer among rivals.

Best technologies

For creating 3D product renders we use only the most advanced technologies such as 3D Max and Unreal Engine, due to them we are able to create not only simple static images but also dynamic animations and VFX-effects.

Attention to details

Our artists create images giving great attention to every detail and seek for developing super realistic and well-established product renders which will surely catch an eye.

Individual approach

We carefully study the needs of every customer and create unique product visualizations which meet clients goals and brand.

Clear-cut communication

We appreciate effective communication with a customer, that’s why from the very first meeting we listen for the client's wishes and feedback on every step to achieve the best result from our cooperation.

Our Clients

General FAQs

How to request 3D product visualization? It's straightforward! Contact us, describe your product, provide the needed details, and we'll promptly start the visualization process.

3D product visualization is a process of creating tridimensional digital product images via specialized software. This technology allows one to represent a product realistically and in detail considering its size, form, color and small details so that a virtual image of the product fits perfectly the real object.
Variants of 3D product visualization include:

  • 3D visualization on the studio’s background is the creation of the product image on the neutral background. This perfectly fits for catalogs and online stores.
  • 3D product visualization in the interior is the image of the object in the environment, which helps to demonstrate in the real usage conditions or context.

Except for static images we propose 3D product animation: it’s a video commercial created on the base of 3D graphics, which shows the product in dynamics. An animation can be used for presentations, commercials or feature and functional demonstration.

The price of 3D product visualization starts from 250 dollars. However final value may range due to several factors such as:

  • existence of the 3D model or the necessity of its development.
  • required quantity of renders or product types.
  • duration and the complexity of the 3D product animation if it’s required.

For receiving specific evaluation we recommend you to contact us to discuss all the details concerning your project.

3D product visualizations usually take more than 4 days to create. However concrete timelines may range due to next factors:

    • complexity and digitalization of the product;
    • existence or absence of the 3D model;

required quantity of renders or product types;

  • additional customer’s demands and specifications.

To receive more precise information about project timelines we recommend to contact us with project description and we provide you with individual deadline estimation.

To start cooperation and begin work on 3D renders of your your product take next steps:

  • Contact us. We are ready to answer all your questions and discuss the project details.
  • Provide us with preliminary specifications. This can assist us with understanding of your needs and expectations in regard to visualization.
  • Share the product information. The more data we receive the more accurate and fast our performance will be in the creation of your product in 3D. If you have a ready 3D model, references, plans and other materials it can significantly speed up the process.

After you provide all the necessary materials we proceed to work.

We develop 3D visualizations both for conceptual and real products. At our portfolio there are:

  • Concepts of the products;
  • Real objects: nutrition, mechanisms, constructions, etc.

We don’t have restrictions of categories and our artists are ready to undertake any project and work it out professionally.

We provide final renders in high 4K resolution by standard, which guarantees perfect quality of the image. For your demand and if needed the quality can be highered.

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Written by Anders Ljung | Key Account Manager

Updated on: Nov. 23, 2023