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Open the world of metaverse with our exclusive services for 3D rendering. Create a virtual space which captures imagination and then sets new standards of interaction and design. Book a call with our manager today to start work on your project.


In the era of metaverses where the borders between the reality and virtual world are wiped off, qualitative 3D rendering becomes not just a tool, but a necessity for creation of realistic virtual spaces which capture attention. Our team of specialists in Studio57 masters the art of 3D visualization making every project in the metaverse unique and catchy.
We understand the importance of your brand to not only show itself in the virtual world but also to make it bright and confident. Our works on 3D rendering not only epitomize your idea, but make it a part of a new digital era, where every element makes sense. We strive for every project to be not just good, but marvelous in all the aspects. Make certain of our mastery, downloading our catalog of works on 3D rendering. You will find there examples of the projects which we created with pride for a metaverse and not only, and understand why Studio57 is the very team, which is needed for realization of your project in the virtual world.


Our portfolio showcases a history of our 3D visualization work, encompassing both metaverses and various other fields. Here, you will find examples of our projects that not only demonstrate advanced technologies but also a creative approach.

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Our goal is to create unique and unforgettable visual images that bring any idea to life. Each project in our portfolio is a testament to our flexibility and skill in meeting a wide array of tasks and requirements, highlighting our high level of professionalism and creative abilities. We understand the critical importance of high-quality rendering in metaverses and assure you that, by choosing our services, you will receive precisely that.

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3D rendering for pioneers in the metaverse

Your projects in the metaverse will definitely win from our services for 3D rendering, if you are:

Virtual worlds’ developers

who are eager to create unique, detailed and involving game, education or social interaction spaces.

Brands and marketing agencies

wanting to expand their presence in the digital world offering their products and services in an innovative and attractive form.

Educational institutes and trainers

creating interactive teaching materials and virtual classes, providing deep immersion into the education process.

Architects and interior designers

the professionals who seek for the methods of visualizing their projects in the metaverse for presentation to clients or for virtual exhibitions.

Occasion and concert organizers

for creating breathtaking virtual occasions, exhibitions and concerts, offering unique emotions.

Start-ups and innovative enterprises

companies striving to use the newest technologies for their goals and products presentation in a unique and remarkable form in the metaverse.

Pricing for Metaverse Visualizations

Discover our pricing for 3D visualization development in the metaverse. Please click the button and complete a brief form below. We'll forward you our price list once we have your contact details.

How It Works

he acquaintance with the project for the metaverse

The client contacts us and sends all the required information for the 3D renders for the metaverse creation. This may contain concept ideas, sketches, references and any other materials, which will help us to immerse in your project. The more information we obtain, the more precise and qualitative our work will be.

Getting started

We create a work team, which includes a project-manager and 3D artists and invite a client and their representative to communicate. Discuss all the project’s details and conform to terms for 3D renders for the metaverse development.

Development and corrections

Our 3D artists get to work creating the first draft. This stage allows the client to estimate the general concept, angle and render’s composition. We actively interact with the customer to receive feedback to apply necessary corrections.

Final touch

After all the corrections are made we provide a client the second draft in high quality. The client estimates all the details of the visualization and makes sure that it fits the expectations. If there are any corrections we apply them to achieve a perfect result.

Finalizing and completed 3D renders delivery

After all final corrections are made we transfer ready 3D renders for the metaverse to the customer in high quality. We strive for every client to be satisfied to the maximum with the result and to leave a positive review about our work.


Are you interested in unique 3D visualizations for the metaverse creation? Just fill in a form below, describe your idea or the project and we’ll contact you in the nearest time, discuss all the details and start to transform your project into reality.
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3D services for the metaverse

3D services for the metaverse

3D rendering. We create high quality 3D images, which perfectly fit the context of the metaverse. Our renders differ in realism and details, making the virtual world even more attractive and alife.
360 panoramas. Immerse your users into the world of metaverse with our 360 degree panoramas. This is the ideal method of presentation of the space in all its fullness, providing complete visual immersion.
VR (virtual reality). We create amazing VR-scenes which allow the user to completely dissolve in the metaverse. Our VR solutions open new horizons for interaction and virtual worlds’ studying.
Interior/exterior/product animation. Our services for animation help to liven up the interiors, exteriors and products in the metaverse. This is a magnificent method of demonstration of dynamic and functionality of virtual objects.
Asset modeling for meta-spaces . We develop detailed assets for the metaverse, which include the creation of unique objects and decor elements, bringing originality and diversity in your virtual world.


The choice of the correct software is a key to high quality 3D renders for metaverse creation. We actively use 3Ds Max - one of the most popular and powerful tools in our field. Due to it we create difficult 3D models, which look so realistic that they liven up the virtual world. Expanded opportunities of texturing and lighting in the 3Ds Max allow us to create realistic shadows, highlights and other effects which make every scene in the metaverse unique and memorable. On par with 3Ds Max we also use Unreal Engine for 3D renders creation and our opportunities expansion. Unreal Engine perfectly fits to create not only static images, but also dynamic animations, including VFX (visual effects). This adds depth and dynamic to our visualizations, making every project in the metaverse even more remarkable and alive.


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Our 3D artists are the experts in visualization creation for the metaverse, possessing knowledge in the latest technologies and trends in the sphere of 3D rendering. With a perennial experience, they are ready to bring to life projects of any difficulty and to add to any projects unique shadow and soul, specific to Studio57.

Artemy Duval


Afzalshoh Shodiev


Yan Schneider


Anastasia Belmont


Ivan Berger


3d artist studio57

Liza Eydrian


CEO Studio57

Alexander Kasperovich

In the metaverse, where the borders between the virtual and real are wiped off, the key role plays the skill to create convincing visualizations. In Studio57 we not only follow the trends, but also create them, opening the world of boundless opportunities to our clients. Our 3D artists and technical experts are dedicated to creation of visualizations which liven up metaverses. We are proud of every project in which we invest our experience and passion for innovations. If you are in search of the partner who can open this new visualization era for your project, I offer you to contact me. We will discuss together and realize your most ambitious ideas.

CEO Studio57

Alexander Kasperovich


We offer high-quality architectural 3D visualization services, so you can bring all your ideas and architectural projects to life. Our large team is here to take on both the visualization of the exterior of a small house and implement an architectural rendering of a huge hotel complex.

Advanced technologies

We use the most modern software and 3D modeling techniques, providing high details’ level and realism for your virtual projects.

Experienced team

Our 3D artists and technical specialists possess deep knowledge and perennial experience in visualizations for metaverses creation. This guarantees you the best result.

Individual approach

Every project is unique for us. We carefully listen for your ideas and suggestions, providing creative and a personal approach in realizing your vision.

Flexibility and adaptiveness

We are ready to adapt to any requirements and modifications in the project, providing flexibility in work and the opportunity to apply changes on any stage of the process.

Timely delivery

Abidance to the terms is critical for us. We guarantee that your project will be complete in time at the same time not losing in quality and detailing.

Complete immersion in the project

Our aim is not only to create a visualization, but to bring life into it. We strive to create such 3D renders, which will fully dissolve you in the metaverse.

Our Clients

General FAQs

Contact us right now and we will answer all your questions related to 3D visualization for metaverses, and also offer the best solutions for your project.

3d rendering for metaverse is a process of realistic and detailed visual images creation for virtual spaces. It includes the development of difficult scenes, objects and architectural elements, which contribute to exciting and submerging virtual world creation, making it visually attractive and realistic.

We use different advanced programs, including 3Ds Max and Unreal Engine, which allow us to create high quality and detailed visualizations. Moreover, we apply extra soft as necessary for the best result achievement.

The terms for the project’s completion depends on its difficulty and requirements. We always strive to abide the deadline and provide “in time” delivery, discussing terms with every customer in advance.

Yes, we offer flexibility in the work process and are ready to apply corrections in the project on different stages. It is important for us for the final result to completely satisfy the client’s requirements.

The price ranges depending on the difficulty and the scale of the project. We offer competitive prices and an individual approach to price formation for every client. More about prices you can find by downloading our price-list.

To start a work it is sufficient to contact us and provide us with information about your project. We will discuss the details, define requirements and prepare an individual offer to bring your idea into the life.

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Written by Anders Ljung | Key Account Manager

Updated on: Nov. 29, 2023