3D interior visualizations

Photorealistic interior visualization for your business. We guarantee high quality of each render, precise communication with client at every stage of work, as well as adherence to project deadlines.

High quality 3d interior rendering for your business

What do we mean by 3D interior rendering? That’s not only the process of creation of 3D photorealistic images of the interior, but the painstaking and creative operation, in which we are passionate and attentive to each and every detail of interior render. Interior visualization is a powerful tool for designers, architects and developers, who strive to demonstrate their projects’ potential to their clients. Our studios’ 3D visualizations are directed to meet the professionals’ needs. We produce high-grade 3D visualizations, which represent every detail and element of the project with unimaginable accuracy. Download trial catalog with samples of our projects with description, time indication and number of 3D artists participated in the project. 


Our works not only demonstrate nice renders, they also tell stories about our work and our clients. Check our portfolio and make sure that we are the ones who should create 3D visualizations for your project.

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Our vast experience makes it possible to help you with various representations of your idea. Our specialists are capable of reaching that level of photorealism, which has no equals at any other forms of rendering. In any visual forms we create, we are always oriented on artistic properties, illumination options and dimensional characteristics. Contact Studio57 for your 3D visualization and you can gain all the mentioned above. No matter what goal you want to achieve: bring to life your idea or vision, demonstrate a project to your customer or to capture the attention of a potential investor - due to diligence of our artists your project undoubtedly becomes a success.

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Book a call with our head manager Tanya Müller right now and tomorrow we will begin work over creating unimaginable interior visualizations for your project!

Impressive visual solutions for industry leaders

Our services of creating photorealistic interior visualizations are a must-have, if you are:

Architecture and design studios

which have to visualize their ideas and concepts, in order to demonstrate projects to their customers for better understanding of proposed solutions.
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Construction companies and developers

for capturing the attention of potential customers and investors and for demonstrating your coming projects with a high level of realism.
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Furniture factories and small producers

for promotion of your products and demonstrating furniture in interiors.
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who are in need to show their potential clients in what way unappealing apartments may transform into a cozy space.

Any producers

who need to demonstrate their goods in interiors and raise its attractiveness in the customers’ eyes.

Marketing agencies

which require services of producing interior visualizations, which will be used in work.

Interior visualization price

Explore our diverse interior visualization offerings, each tailored for both single projects and extended engagements. Click the button to submit a brief form and promptly receive your customized cost estimate.

Work process

Preliminary specification

A client contacts us and transfers preliminary specifications for developing visualizations as well as any other documentation concerning the project. For example, exact furniture name and of any other decor or links to the models.

Beginning of the work process

We create a work group for the project, which consists of a project manager and 3D artists (their quantity is based on complexity and volume of the project). Then we study preliminary specifications and together with the client set up a deadline.

First preview

We show the first variant of visualization in low quality to ensure correctness of the model (structure, geometrics, etc.) and to seal angles and composition. Collect feedback about remarks and corrections.

Second preview

We show the second variant of visualization after corrections. This once render is of normal quality to demonstrate nuances of the image (light, colors, textures, etc.). We receive final remarks (if there are).

Final visualizations delivery

We prepare high quality interior visualizations, previously applied all the remarks and corrections, and transfer them to the customer.


How to start a work over the photorealistic interior renders for your project? This is simple! Just fill in the form right now, tell us about your project so that our team can begin work in the shortest possible period of time.
Thank you! We will contact you soon.

How we create interior visualizations

How we create interior visualizations

Firstly, our 3D designers study preliminary specification from the customer, as well as any other documentation concerning the project. This helps to estimate and take into account all the features of the project, client’s wishes, and to understand time necessary for finishing the project.
Project team makes the schedule, appoints responsibilities, sets up a deadline. After that, the 3D artist studies the preliminary specification of the design project and searches for extra references in case of need.
Our team proceeds to the development of 3D model of the room, searching for 3D models of furniture and decor, and if there are no models, the artist generates them himself.
Setting an angle is an integral part of creation of interior visualizations. A right angle can emphasize details, highlight essential functionality of the room and show it in whole.
The next important step is to set the materials, when every element gets its color, texture and an image. This is a core stage which has a great impact on render’s general quality, it forms realism and depth.
Light setting is a significant phase in creation of truly qualitative and impressive 3D renders. An artist thoroughly selects luminous sources, according to time of day and weather, in order to emphasize essential interior details, create an atmosphere and the right mood.
The last stage is creation renders in Corona Renderer, and later post-editing in Adobe Photoshop. Corona Renderer provides high quality rendering, and post-editing of 3D visualization in Adobe Photoshop allows to bring in last strokes to give the image its final view.

What soft do we use?

Our 3D artists use 2 main tools to create interior visualizations. 3D Max - high-powered software for 3D modeling, animation and visualization with flexible designing methods. It helps to create various projects, adjusting to new technologies and tasks. Corona Renderer is a high-powered render, which guarantees high quality photorealistic visualization with an allowance for natural light and materials. Then visualizations are edited in Adobe Photoshop. Moreover we can use SketchUp for small details modelling, Rhino for curvilinear constructions, and 3D Max to gather these all in the visualization. Every program has its own functional, and we don’t limit ourselves by it, we lean on idea, not the soft’s potential. Different programs have different potential and approaches.


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3D artists and designers in Studio57 have great experience in their field not less than 5 years. Each of them has specialized education, and what’s more constantly improve via additional education in the sphere of 3D rendering. Firstly, it's our internal school with more than 1000 instructions and it is constantly developed. Secondly, these are courses, trenings, master classes for creating realistic interior and exterior images.

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project manager studio57

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Head of Visualization Department

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I personally guarantee excellent result

CEO Studio57

Alexander Kasperovich

As a studio’s CEO I can say for sure that while working with us on your visualization project, you receive only positive impressions and excellent work results. Owing to qualitative and harmonious work of our team, you will gain high-quality photorealistic interior renders for your project, independently of its scale, whether it is a small studio flat or interior renders for a big cottage village. Beside great renders our team always works on positive emotions of our clients. It is significant to us to build an image of not only quality of our projects, but positive emotions, which our customers gain while working with us. We appreciate our clients and always bend every effort for you to come back with new projects.

CEO Studio57

Alexander Kasperovich


Owing to our interior visualization services you can bring into life any projects, even the most courageous and unimaginable ones. Our team is ready to wade in project of any scale and difficulty level, because the more difficult the task is - the more interesting and exciting the work will be.

Professionals in the personnel

Our staff consists of exceptional professionals in the field of interior visualization, who knows how to render every even the smallest detail to make your interior visualization maximum attractive and photorealistic.

Creative approach

Every project for us is an opportunity to fully demonstrate our abilities. We don’t work in a production line, our artists treat every project with creativity to make inspiring and stunning visualizations.

Precise communication with customer

Your participation in the project is undoubtedly important for us, your vision of the project is a base for creating amazing interior renders. We strive to cooperate with client on every stage, and we believe that the result of highest quality comes out due to correctly built communication with customer.

Strict abidance by deadline

We vouch for the quality of our projects as well as for adherence to deadlines. That’s the reason why we don’t dream up terms to the contract. We thoroughly study preliminary specifications and propose time limits in which we actually can provide qualitative 3D interior visualizations.

High technologies

We apply only the most modern software and technologies, this lets us achieve a really high level of realism and detailed elaboration in every render.

Wide experience

We have a broad experience in creating interior renders for absolutely different projects. Assure yourself of that by looking at our portfolio.

Our Clients

General FAQs

How to order interior visualization? That’s simple! Contact us, tell about your project, provide us with necessary information and we’ll start imminently.

We can’t give an exact price on 3D interior visualization development before we study preliminary specifications and all the documentation concerning the project. Generally the price is based on availability of 3D model, work volume, quantity of desirable angles, etc.

As well as price, deadline depends on difficulty and work volume and we can provide accurate information only after studying preliminary specifications. But in case of only 1 render it usually takes more than 3 days to work out.

Preliminary specifications and any other information concerning the project: 3D model (with the availability), plans, design configuration, furniture models (with the availability), materials specifications. etc.

All final renders we deliver in 4k format or in higher quality on-request.

3 revision rounds are provided in the process of creating 3D interior visualizations.

3 revision rounds are provided in the process of creating 3D interior visualizations. If you want to make changes after the final render is made, we can do it for extra charge.

If we talk about images, they belong to the customer. Also before the beginning of cooperation we can sign an NDA. But if we talk about scene or 3D model, which our artists made, we keep them, because they contain plenty of models from our private storage. We can provide 3D scene for extra charge individually on-request.

We have a big team of experienced 3D visualizators, that’s why we can work on projects of any scale, whether it is 5 or 100 renders.

We proffer 360 interior panoramas, close-up renders, interior walkthrough, VR.

We offer communication via convenient for you messenger. Before work starts we create a group chat where are the project manager, 3D artists and clients, so we can communicate at ease. Meanwhile we are ready to choose another way of communication proceeding from your wishes.

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Written by Anders Ljung | Key Account Manager

Updated on: Nov. 22, 2023