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Anastasia Belmont


Anastasia is a pragmatic and skilled 3D artist who knows all the nuances of her craft. Her methods and tricks, honed over years of experience, allow her to achieve the best results in every project. Anastasia always finds the best approach to turn an idea into reality with high quality and precision.


I earned my degree in Environmental and Object Design from the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-Belleville. To further refine my skills in 3D visualization, I took specialized courses from Art Glück and consistently leveraged instructional videos on YouTube. My expertise in 3D encompasses a wide range of services, including interior visualization, architectural rendering, product visualization, 3D modeling, architectural animation, and creating 360-degree panoramas.

Hobbies and interests

Creative self-expression has always been my driving force. This passion manifests in my love for music, drawing, knitting, and even a touch of floristry. Additionally, reading holds a special place in my heart—it's my unique escape into different worlds.

Why did I choose Studio57?

I've been familiar with Studio57 for a long time, often admiring their works on Instagram and Behance. When I saw the open position, I felt compelled to apply. Now, I'm proud to be a part of this incredible team.

Passion for 3D Visualization

It might sound unusual, but for me, 3D visualization acts as a kind of time machine. A 3D artist offers people a glimpse into the past or the future, and in essence, that's pure magic.

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Updated on: Oct. 19, 2023