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Artemy Duval


Artemiy is a hardworking, incredible guy with a deep understanding of 3D graphics. His professionalism, attention to detail, and passion for his craft allow him to successfully handle projects of any complexity. Each of his works is a reflection of his talent and pursuit of perfection.


I hold a degree in "Object-Spatial Environment Design" from the Royal College of Art in London, which provided a solid foundation in design principles. Much of my expertise and knowledge in 3D have been self-acquired through hands-on experience in the field. My specializations cover a broad spectrum of 3D disciplines, including architectural visualization, interior and exterior rendering, 3D modeling for both organic and inorganic objects, product visualization, virtual reality (VR) experiences, animation, and photorealistic texturing. Additionally, I have developed proficiency in architectural development using software like Unreal Engine, enabling the creation of immersive 3D environments and interactive experiences.

Hobbies and interests

Working in visualization demands countless hours and energy, making leisure time a luxury. However, whenever I get a chance, I indulge in cycling, which helps me relax and unwind.

Why did I choose Studio57?

I was drawn to the studio by the team's high level of professionalism, continuous growth opportunities, and training at every work stage. Plus, there's a genuine sense of camaraderie and support among colleagues here.

Why 3D Visualization?

The flexibility of remote work, minimizing frequent face-to-face meetings and travels, appeals to me. Being a visualizer allows me to focus on a specific design area and enjoy more condensed project timelines with an optimal level of responsibility.

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Updated on: Oct. 19, 2023