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Ivan Berger


Ivan is a 3D artist who draws strength from years of experience. Trial and error have been his greatest teachers, allowing him to achieve remarkable results in his projects. His works speak for themselves, showcasing a high level of skill and a passion for detail.


I graduated with an engineering degree from the Technical University of Munich, renowned for its focus on architecture and design. In the past six years, I've honed my skills as a visualizer, starting with self-learning, engaging in free online courses, and learning through YouTube tutorials. My career path included a period in interior design at a studio for eighteen months before shifting my focus to visualization. Besides my hands-on experience, I have completed the Studio57 academy for 3D visualizers and a detailed course on Unreal Engine. My areas of expertise span various 3D visualization aspects, such as architectural rendering, interior and exterior visualization, 3D modeling, product visualization, VR experiences, and architectural development in Unreal Engine. I am adept at creating detailed walkthroughs and developing 360-degree panoramas. This broad skill set enables me to manage diverse projects, ensuring high-quality, lifelike visualizations tailored to the specific requirements of each client.

Hobbies and interests

Photography, snowboarding, and nature outings are my passions.

Why did I choose Studio57?

When I came across the studio on Instagram, it seemed like a challenging place to get into due to its high standards. However, I put my utmost effort into the test assignment and was pleasantly surprised when they welcomed me aboard.

Why 3D Visualization?

During university, I took a course on 3D modeling of commercial equipment. It was then that I realized my genuine passion for 3D. I've always aspired to be a designer, and everything fell into place.

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Updated on: Oct. 19, 2023