Liza Eydrian


Speed and quality are Liza’s hallmarks. She knows no barriers and achieves results by any means necessary. Amazingly, no project can withstand her persistence and expertise. Liza readily takes on tasks of any complexity, ensuring the highest standard of work.


Initially, I embarked on a path to become a lawyer, but over time, I realized it wasn't for me. That's when I turned my attention to design and pursued a degree in that field. Graduated from SCHOOL OF FORM in Poland. Beyond my formal education, I took several specialized courses and even worked with a tutor who is an experienced visualizer. I find it crucial to consistently review my past projects - it helps me identify areas where I can improve. My main specialization is architectural rendering, architectural animation, 3d interior visualization, as well as product rendering and 3d modeling.

Hobbies and interests

I've been fortunate enough to monetize my hobby. I genuinely find pleasure in being a 3D artist. It's something I truly love. No matter how challenging it sometimes gets, I always feel joy seeing my progress.

Why did I choose Studio57?

I was drawn to STUDIO57's philosophy, emphasizing the importance of learning and growth. If you're a newcomer, there are people here who will help you develop and become a professional. I'm grateful to our studio for the knowledge and skills I've acquired here. Of course, I must also mention our wonderful team and the understanding shown by our management.

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Updated on: Oct. 19, 2023