Yan Schneider


This 3D artist is fearless in exploring new approaches and techniques. His determination and insatiable curiosity enable him to create projects that are not only imbued with deep meaning but also astonish with their visual quality and attention to detail.


I earned my Bachelor's degree in Environmental and Object Design from the University of the Arts in Berlin. Over six years of working in visualization, I have gained substantial experience. My first two years were spent in a furniture manufacturing company, focusing on custom visualization projects. I continued my professional development at the Izotov School, where I improved my skills in creating detailed architectural exteriors. My areas of expertise include interior visualization, architectural rendering, product visualization, 3D modeling, architectural animation, and creating 360-degree panoramas.

Hobbies and interests

In my free time, I am passionate about motorsports and skateboarding, recently started learning the C++ programming language, and I love traveling with friends.

Why did I choose Studio57?

I enjoy the teamwork for its cohesiveness and willingness to help and teach. It's always fun to spend time with colleagues, and I'm pleasantly surprised by the tradition of treating each other to delicacies on any occasion. The feeling of being part of something big, working on international projects, and elevating my professional level is invaluable.

Why 3D Visualization?

I am drawn to this profession due to its demand. The applications of 3D visualization are constantly expanding, allowing work on a variety of projects, from interior design to movie graphics creation, stimulating my self-development and professional growth.

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Updated on: Nov. 10, 2023