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Zaur Zeynalov


Zaur is a hardworking, incredible guy with a deep understanding of 3D graphics. He’s the locomotive of our team, driving all of us forward. His enthusiasm, leadership qualities, and unmatched expertise inspire and motivate each member of our team. Thanks to Zaur, we feel more confident, ready to embrace new challenges and push the boundaries of what’s possible in 3D artistry.


My main qualification is as an architect. I graduated from Technische Universität Berlin. However, for the last 5 years I have been passionately developing my skills as a 3D artist. My main specialization is architectural and interior visualization, architectural development in Unreal Engine, 3d modeling and product visualization.

Hobbies and interests

My fascination with 3D modeling began as a hobby. Over time, this passion evolved into my primary professional pursuit, bringing me not only joy but also the opportunity for constant professional growth.

Why did I choose Studio57?

What drew me to Studio57 wasn't just the well-crafted job posting but also their impressive portfolio showcased on social platforms. Now, as a part of the Studio 57 team, I witness their professionalism, pursuit of excellence, and genuine commitment to their craft every day.

My Passion for Visualization

During my tenure as an architect, I particularly valued the stage of creating 3D visualizations. This experience prompted my decision to delve deeper and specialize in this domain.

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Updated on: Oct. 19, 2023