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The key to the modern world of vast possibilities lies not under the doormat next to your front door but on the work surface of 3D modeling software. There are many options available but the true monument in this field can be considered 3Ds Max. The software that has been the subject of legends since the 90s (the first version of the package had a different name – 3D Studio DOS). With its help 3D artists not only bring to life the most extraordinary clients’ ideas but also build worlds with utopian laws. With rules that are unlikely to exist in real life but find excellent application, for example, in games. We are to tell where and who uses 3Ds Max.

Old but still applicable

Old but still applicable

First and foremost, 3Ds Max is about creating volumetric elements from a primitive “cube” by Malevich to complex detailed plant forms. The equally important consequence of this is the overall time and cost savings for both the 3D artist and the client.

Let’s assume the client is a car owner who wants to “reprogram” its factory settings. It’s difficult to fantasize about which color spoiler will fit into the “context” and not spoil the appearance of the car with a double-spoke radiator grille.

Tuning can become less burdensome if you use a configurator, which will provide access even to the interior. There it’s not too much trouble to change the upholstery material or “try on” a steering wheel in the form of a yoke (in case the owner is a fan of Tesla solutions).

However, the configurator is a ready-made “system.” It does not exist without separately modeled elements assembled in one plane. It is precisely in 3Ds Max that designing auto and subsequently applying various textures, materials and setting the desired lighting are possible.

The functionality of the program is not limited to the primary basic task of creating three-dimensional shapes. In 3Ds Max there is a vast set of tools for animating both the whole and the individual from a character to individual strands of hair on their head.

For example, no simulator game is complete without a detailed recreation of real-life actions. Any strategy game that aims to conquer the throne requires a military arsenal. Even Richard of York gave battle in vain knows this. The availability of state-of-the-art weaponry in modern games in just one of its forms would undoubtedly revolutionize the narrative of dynastic conflicts among factions of the English nobility. The House of Lancaster in the 15th century could not have known that someone with the same surname would invent the submachine gun centuries later. For this reason, the characters in a potential game can only count on purchasing a polearm billhook from Steam, or a culverin borrowed from the French if we’re talking about artillery.

However, what the warring factions certainly did not consider was the technological progress currently manifested in 3D capabilities. Without the creation of muskets, swords, or axes in a specialized 3D modeling program, Richard’s plans as your hero could easily be chopped like firewood right from the start. Engaging with a joystick but having no chance to wield weapons in such a game would be meaningless. And with 3D artists who not only work on creating but also animating “shooting” and “cutting” models acquiring a Sony PlayStation would not seem like a mistake.

Rejuvenation of 3Ds Max

Rejuvenation of 3Ds Max

For example, to set in motion a cartridge that will be fired when the trigger is pulled the Motion Paths function is usually used in the program. It looks especially relevant after recent updates. This “feature” guarantees a preview of the path of an animated object in the viewport. With its help trajectory changes and any other transformations are possible as long as there is inspiration.

3Ds Max has also gained improved camera animation parameters. Now figuratively speaking the movement from north to south and back can be smoother (ideal if you need to demonstrate the advantages of a chair in the living room from all sides). It can also be dynamic at the same time if you need to express emotion or create emotional tension.

The program would seem incomplete if it didn’t have capabilities for representatives of architecture and design studios. The photorealistic rendering of house facades and kitchen interiors is now under the scope of the built-in engine called IRay+. It supports global illumination and real-time rendering.

The software has rejuvenated itself compared to its competitors thanks to expanded virtual reality functionality. Its integration with devices like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive allows projects to be admired in VR form right in 3Ds Max.

Who uses 3Ds Max:

Who uses 3Ds Max:

– industrial designers for creating detailed prototypes of goods and products;

– architects for designing buildings and interior spaces;

– game designers for creating animated characters, game landscapes, etc.;

– television designers for implementing special effects.

System requirements for 3Ds Max:

System requirements for 3Ds Max:

Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit.

Processor: Multithreaded and multicore processor with high performance such as Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7.

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce with DirectX support or AMD Radeon with CUDA or OpenCL support. It is important for the graphics card to have the latest version of installed drivers.

RAM: At least 16 GB.

Hard Drive: SSD with a minimum of 9 GB of disk space.

Advantages of 3Ds Max:

Advantages of 3Ds Max:

– the program is suitable not only for engineering design or creating volumetric shapes but also excels in tasks related to advertising, animation and cinema;

– as a result of the above point another feature of the software is that 3Ds Max has powerful tools for creating high-quality animation;

– user-friendly interface: all significant functions are easily accessible;

– extensive library of textures and primitives that can be used to create complex shapes (including projects in virtual space);

– impressive collection of plugins that simplify work processes;

– multiple alternative methods for transferring texture materials;

– availability of movie special effects, ranging from simple water or fire particles to natural fabric movement;

– a large number of video tutorials available for self-learning;

– free trial version for 30 days and for students, it is free for one year (cannot be used for commercial purposes).

Disadvantages of 3Ds Max:

Disadvantages of 3Ds Max:

– high system requirements;

– compatibility only with Microsoft Windows, no native support for macOS;

– paid license.



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