Unreal Engine for software architects, Twinmotion for architecture visualization

Unreal Engine for software architects, Twinmotion for architectгure visualization

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You know when the world of 3D ceased to be the same? It was the moment when the Unreal Engine became theoretically effective not only in the gaming industry (for which it was originally created). Over time, the hypothesis about its use in architectural projects began to acquire new meanings, practical applications and, most importantly, an unintended but highly interested audience.

The flip side of the almighty Unreal Engine

The flip side of the almighty Unreal Engine

Today, Unreal Engine is a relatively accessible interface for beginners and a completely straightforward tool for professionals courtesy of Epic Games. It “revives” futuristic projects of 20th-century architects left on paper as memories, simplifies the creation of photorealistic 3D visualizations of penthouses (although it always leaves questions about the quality of that realism) and serves as an excellent companion in video development.

Even without the savvy attention to engine optimization solely for architects on the developers’ side this hybrid is a must-have for the progressive specialist. However, there’s always a catch… And the nuance that can extinguish the fire in the architect’s eager eyes daily immersed in BIM models is called C++.

Yes, indeed! To create a configurator for an automotive brand’s website or model a sofa that changes upholstery color with a click you need a programmer. They master the language of code upon which the template pumped into release is built. For the user, it’s interactive reducing the chance of passing by a product and increasing the website’s conversion rate. For the architect or interior designer, it’s a template, the use of which magically transforms “nothing” into a cohesive product and simplifies interaction with the end consumer.

Twinmotion a simplified version of Unreal Engine for architectural visualization

Twinmotion a simplified version of Unreal Engine for architectural visualization

So, what to do if there’s an architect in the design and architecture studio, but they design buildings not complex software systems? You have to look for alternative, technological options that, if not replace the outdated (but still relevant) 3Ds Max and ArchiCAD, then at least provide a boost to the industry. And is there such a solution on the modern market?

Of course! The same creators of Epic Games, who acquired in 2019 the software of the French company Abvent for 3D architectural visualization and rendering – Twinmotion.

A brief journey into the world of Twinmotion

A brief journey into the world of Twinmotion

Twinmotion addresses the fundamental questions of “what” and “how,” which have become common queries in Google searches. Why?

Mutually beneficial collaboration

Firstly, the engine boasts an enormous library of various PBR materials suitable for both interior projects (ready-made 3D models of chairs, tables and sofas) and exteriors (cars or people adorning an animated residential complex, giving it motion).

Moreover, the software expertise of Unreal Engine management and intricate integrations for business growth also provide engine users with free 3D scans (photogrammetric resources presented as maps, landscapes) that impress with their realism. Quixel, the company behind their concentration and seamless import from one program to another works diligently on them. It represents an ecosystem consisting of Megascans, Bridge and Mixer plugins, which can create high-quality content in the field of architectural visualization. And, of course, this Swedish development can be harmoniously integrated into Twinmotion!

Technology of real-time – an unreal volume of knowledge

What beautiful myths surround Twinmotion? The ease of mastering the software is a significant plus when using it. This software operates in real-time mode (with high performance up to 16K), which associates it with the concept of “convenience.” However, this factor simultaneously demands more perseverance from the 3D visualizer in studying the extensive array of functions. And its seemingly far-fetched advantage becomes “light” only when all possibilities are thoroughly explored. And, of course, compared to Unreal Engine, which is less oriented and inclined towards architectural projects. Indeed, the level of interest in the program is directly proportional to the speed of project execution. Visual feedback in the blink of an eye is a good option that provides a lightning-fast response to the whims of clients, allowing 3D visualizers at the project’s very start to “save” on mistakes.

Seamless syncing

With this engine, the question of model transfer or even entire 3D scenes doesn’t seem pressing, as Twinmotion offers direct synchronization with any 3D modeling software on the market (from 3Ds Max to Revit, Rhino and beyond). Any formats, absence of boundaries and only minimal “losses” during data import allow for even greater enjoyment of the program. And for those who, for some reason, are not yet acquainted with it, there’s every reason to explore every dark corner of the internet to optimize workflow.

An endless stream of updates

Often, engine updates cascade like an avalanche. For instance, particle simulations are refined (rain or wave tide traces appear even more lifelike than ever), the physical accuracy of water surfaces in a pool and even mundane exposure become objects of admiration. However, this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Just as in Twinmotion, where any complex architectural project can be executed (from visualization to panorama) and its presentation to the client is anticipated anywhere in the world without being bound by location or the presence of VR goggles. And although the boundaries of what’s possible have expanded after the news of the integration of the latest engine version with goggles supporting the OpenXR API, immersion in the unreal world without being tied to a headset remains relevant. This is yet another advantage of the software.

Define of role of Twinmotion realism in architectural rendering

Define of role of Twinmotion realism in architectural rendering

Twinmotion is no less potent a weapon than Unreal Engine, but a more primitive tool, the threshold for entry into its world being lower. This engine is a clear concept of unparalleled realism and effectiveness of every pixel of 3D visualization and every second of vibrant video. Software from Epic Games directly addresses the tasks of 3D artists streamlining their work and indirectly alleviating the pains of clients who turn to them for project realization. Twinmotion is shaping the future of architectural visualization.




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