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How can the sun set on the horizon simultaneously in two places? The experience of modern society suggests that it’s no more difficult than conducting salary transactions to an electronic wallet.

With the development of technology the world has transformed. Its physical boundaries have become barely noticeable because their continuation can now be found in another reality. The format of ultra-high definition imagery of a future landscape next to a residential complex, which has not yet been built, competes with the human ability to photograph the environment with eyes. Innovative bonuses now come at a sale price of $9.99 for those who can adapt to the realities. Realtors are exceeding their plans. Marketers are selling inherently understandable things under a new sauce that awakens specific receptors. Consumers are finally approaching the goal contained in any popular book. They are getting one step closer to the concept of “work-life balance”. Or, rather, levitating between real and virtual worlds. And thanks to what?

The spheres of application of 3D walkthrough

The spheres of application of 3D walkthrough

There’s no point in dividing the professional field as a phenomenon into its separate ‘beds’. 3D visualization with its possibilities like universal digital fertilizer is by default used in any area of our life. From medicine to architecture, in cinema and advertising. And where, for some reason, the information of photorealistic interior pictures becomes not entirely exhaustive, 3D walkthrough are used to describe the advantages. They become especially relevant in interior design.

Interactive spatial existence

Interactive spatial existence

The main feature of a three-dimensional visualization tour is its interactivity. It’s precisely the interaction of the person with the hotspots that distinguishes this digital ‘composite’ from volumetric static images. You can study the picture with your eyes, interpreting the aesthetics of the space depicted on it. In a walkthrough the client can immerse themselves in this aesthetics completely and even literally ‘touch’ it. A walkthrough is about dynamics and a more conscious exploration of the environment.

During the user’s journey, their own movement is controlled, which can be achieved through input devices (for example, a keyboard, mouse, joystick or virtual reality goggles). Unlike, for example, a panorama, which loops interior renders from different perspectives, in a walkthrough the client can run, jump or maintain orientation in the northern direction of the kitchen. In other words, they are not limited to 360-degree neck rotations.

To create tours designers and developers use specialized software tools for three-dimensional modeling and rendering, as well as game engines or interactive visualization platforms. These tools allow for the creation of virtual environments with realistic lighting, textures and spatial characteristics as well as programming interactive navigation and interaction features for users.

Advantages of walkthrough are individual needs

Advantages of walkthrough are individual needs

Time-saving, often touted as the primary benefit by those who have experienced walkthrough firsthand, is indeed a significant advantage albeit somewhat generalized. However, the user experience is composed of specific and individual stories each pursuing its own benefits.

For someone who struggles with spatial orientation, even within their own apartment, walkthrough serves as a guide. For a constantly busy individual juggling work trips it’s a tool for monitoring progress. For a child exploring their future room it’s a playful element, while for their parents (firmly convinced that the child needs wallpaper with a spiderman motif, which they believe will lose relevance the next day) it’s a way to find compromise. For someone on vacation on the other side of the world with an unfinished renovation project at home it’s an opportunity to oversee its completion. For some, it’s the potential through which historical landmarks come to life continuing to narrate their significance. In essence, it’s these fragments that collectively shape its significance.

3D visualization if foundation for 3D walkthrough

3D visualization if foundation for 3D walkthrough

The creation of individual 3D scenes, such as a minimalist-style room, is a challenging and intricate process akin to a 3D artist becoming a true samurai. Why? Because it involves intricately meshing numerous frames and perspectives using specialized software (such as 3D Max or Unreal Engine, which while not specifically tailored to architecture and interiors are commonly used) requiring specific expertise.

Today, the market offers more efficient tools catering to the time constraints of 3D visualizers. However, they necessitate an arsenal of equipment and corresponding software that swiftly captures the linear aspects of walls transforming them into digital replicas of space.

To execute walkthrough from the point where a user opens the door to a house envisioning a beautifully carved door to the bathroom or kitchen the trajectory is captured through photography. This path then serves as a “guide” in the virtual environment. Within it, the client moves, examining interior details and expressing their approval or providing feedback on the design.

The role of walkthrough in the hotel business

The role of walkthrough in the hotel business

The quality of visualizations and, most importantly, their fidelity to reality determines someone’s carefree, beautiful vacation near the Indian Ocean. Have you ever thought about it? We did too… Until we implemented a certain case study.

Obviously, in the context of the hotel business the involved parties extend beyond tourists. Each, as before, pursues benefits or solves specific tasks (fulfills needs, if you will).

When a client sits in a stuffy office sweating profusely and receives an unexpected message from their spouse about attractive ticket prices to the Maldives on a travel agency’s website what do they think?

Likely, their thoughts race faster than their feet eager to leave a note on their boss’s desk requesting a week off to unwind. However, looming deadlines prevent a full commitment. And in such situations the absence of “pictures” that would illustrate an unforgettable vacation often serves as an additional restraining factor.

Imagine if, during those crucial half-hours when a decision had to be made the client beheld the embodiment of true luxury harmonizing with the surrounding nature (basically, images of the resort hotel where they would stay). Their excitement would take over leaving no room for doubt.

And now, envision that instead of conjuring up words of elegance, refinement and seclusion in their mind along with all the emotions triggered by what they see in the render the tourist could personally stroll through a villa whose facade gleams with crisp white lines amidst tropical landscapes. They would scrutinize every square meter of space meticulously designed for functionality. They wouldn’t just imagine unparalleled views with their soothing atmosphere but would immerse themselves headfirst into this heavenly delight through 3D walkthrough technology.

This brief example illustrates how the use of 3D innovations serves as a boost for the hotel business. Hotel owners’ profits could triple just as the joy of clients from their simulated stay before they even board the plane to head for a warm beach on the other side of the world. They need assurances and 3D walkthrough can provide them. Its utilization could be a breakthrough in the industry increasing the number of bookings from tourists and, consequently, attracting new investments.




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