Indirect sales for designers. How to promote your services using social networks?

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The history is cyclical but implies modifications. In antiquity, commerce flourished. It hasn’t disappeared in the 21st century. In ancient times there were albums that served as a place for placing advertisements for selling a house for a moderate fee. Nowadays, these large wooden boards covered with white plaster or painted in white have turned into social networks and thematic services for selecting mood boards of interiors that inspire the client for renovation. Archaism is golden coins, current reality is currency (and if desired, the same golden coins if you pay in the digital space, why not?). To build an insula a Roman architect first needed to demonstrate the project. Architects and designers today do the same to choose a concept and establish uninterrupted contact with the “buyer.” In general, the essence of selling goods or services remains the same only the methods and tools of promotion have changed, thanks to which their implementation is possible.

Nowadays, no interior designer or architect working on building their personal brand recognition will miss the opportunity to register on a platform where they can casually showcase their portfolio. Marketing penetrates the consciousness to such an extent that it involuntarily transforms an ordinary specialist into a true professional, whose name can resound loudly across the internet. But to be precisely heard and seen one must understand the worldwide web and know which channels of content distribution to use for maximum effect. We are well aware of this, so we are sharing with you the top 3 popular solutions that will be a source of new traffic and, consequently, income!




A favorite place where a specially curated feed tailored to your interests offers millions of ideas on how to decorate your dream apartment. For a designer, this internet service is a true assistant hiding industrial potential within. Why?

The audience concentrated on Pinterest is diverse and vast. Worldwide, every 4th gen zer, boomer and millennial scroll through collecting aesthetically appealing images. And that’s just the monthly statistics. It’s likely that among this list, there’s definitely someone interested in categories with a thematic sequence like “renovation-interior-exterior”. For designers, Pinterest is an additional and, most importantly, partly financially capable traffic source, which keeps and stores its “dreams” on mood boards to later purchase real-world design projects, for example. In this case, designers can post visualizations of their projects to subtly align with trends for their followers. High-quality 3D renders of living rooms or bedrooms, done in styles like minimalism/wabi-sabi/classicism/loft, for someone, could be key in selecting a specialist who will later execute the project. However, it’s important to note that the platform serves for “warming up” and doesn’t make sales direct as stated below the line.

Pinterest is also a kind of bear service carefully thought out and created by designers in advance. By posting interior pins, 3D animations of layouts or townhouse exteriors they increase the customer’s awareness of design industry trends. A client who is clear about their desires will select references that match their request and relieve the “artist” of some responsibilities. For example, these could be thematic boards of bathrooms with white ceramic tiles or kitchen chairs that don’t resemble mass-market items, which have captured the client’s heart. With Pinterest as a tool, the designer provides both content for trend awareness and specific actions, which with a well-thought-out strategic approach pay off precisely through the client.

For designers, Pinterest becomes a bakery display emitting the smell of freshly baked croissants (or a showcase of jewelry). This platform also appears this way to users, who can familiarize themselves with the “product”, assess it and then follow the specified link and order.

Another advantage of the service is its democratic nature regarding likes. In this creative field this reaction doesn’t pose a mark of equality against the designer’s professionalism. Human brains evaluate their 3D visualizations, which without proper experience can notice inconsistencies. In other words, a designer’s portfolio undergo much more serious moderation, which also relies on the specific preferences of the user. That’s why it’s essential for a designer to study the audience from the very beginning.




Instagram wields the enchanting magic of visual effects. However, simply having a harmoniously curated feed with 3D visualizations won’t be sufficient to engage clients as is the case with Pinterest.

This social network offers more interactivity including live streams, stories and short videos. Designers should utilize these tools to showcase their expertise if they aim to increase their monthly orders. Stories about the fascinating world of interior design and renovation with their life hacks, tips and recommendations in reels are the golden key to increasing visibility in a market overflowing with competitors.

However, every social network has its nuances, such as the need for thorough audience research. Additionally, there’s another crucial point to focus on specifically within Instagram. While the platform offers more opportunities for personal expression, it also increases the designer’s level of responsibility.

Any client interested in renovation is always seeking a solution to their problem. Alongside a detailed description, in which the designer elaborates on the advantages of laminate flooring, every post should contain high-quality visual content. Statistics show that those indifferent to photorealistic 3D visualizations in a profile decrease by half because the user perceives the correlation between textual content and the 3D scene. Therefore, digital marketing hints at the priority of posting images on Instagram. With them, the designer can succinctly showcase their advantages revealing the uniqueness of their personality. A feed with a clear demonstration of an original approach to project development can illustrate how pleasant (or unpleasant) and productive collaboration will be. And that’s a source of new traffic!




Could it be that among the vast audience of creative packaging, web design and interior designers there isn’t anyone interested in their services? Doubtful!

It’s no coincidence that the social platform not only allows specialists in the niche to showcase their electronic portfolios but also features a job search section (for both job seekers and potential clients).

The advantage of this service lies in the ability to showcase the process detailing it step by step. These points can become a separate subject of presentation showcasing not only the skills but also the creative thinking of a 3D artist or architect. And then comes the result…

Promoting projects on Behance depends on the number of likes and comments users leave on the work. A boost into the ranks of “popular cases” can be ensured even by just one “like,” if the work happens to catch the eye of a renowned design guru.

Competitiveness and the desire to be the best are closely tied to the available awards sections on the platform. Making it into the weekly top (something within everyone’s reach!) a designer or architect will undoubtedly attract attention enhancing their personal significance as a professional among clients.






Those not on Pinterest or Instagram (which is probably unheard of) likely dwell within the realm of LinkedIn, a potent business tool. It hosts a myriad of professionals, among whom one may find not only kindred spirits but also commercial clients perhaps seeking to inaugurate a new restaurant. There’s even a chance one won’t have to search tirelessly, manually pounding away at the keyboard.

LinkedIn boasts a thriving social network, where each connection request from a stranger presents a significant opportunity to strike a mutually beneficial deal. Expanding one’s “friendly” boundaries may autonomously introduce a designer to a client whose profile aligns with the client’s needs.

In addition to its egalitarian nature and provision of free work assistance (for those desperate times) LinkedIn serves as an extra platform for a designer to showcase completed projects. By leaving a link with a description of a loft-style 3D interior design for a three-bedroom apartment one can significantly increase the likelihood of attracting a dozen more interested parties with similar needs. Dollar for dollar, client for client equals reputation, authority and an endless cycle of new traffic!




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